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Rhea’s Avatar
Rhea Aug 23, 2023 627 views

What internships are available remotely for high school juniors who would want to major in political science and business administration?

Eventually, I would like to go to law school to become a corporate lawyer. I am trying to niche down my internships to fit either business or political science.

Nashae’s Avatar
Nashae Aug 23, 2023 317 views

How do you know which major to go into?

After figuring out what career you want to pursue, how do you know what major that career fits into?

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Aug 23, 2023 444 views

What should I pick for a long time ive been interested in aviation and plumbing I dont know what I should pick

How do I know if I want to do this

Nowrin’s Avatar
Nowrin Jul 22, 2023 366 views

How can I know what should i choose as my career?

my choice for deciding this matter changes every time. I just can't choose among some of my interests. sometimes i want to be a singer, sometimes lawyer or sometimes even a K-Idol.

maria’s Avatar
maria Jul 22, 2023 301 views

How do you know you made a good decison on what to study for college?

When do you know what you actually want to do after college? For example, let's say I have options but I can't really decide between which one I would like more for my future.

Jaidah’s Avatar
Jaidah Jul 22, 2023 307 views

When am I supposed to worry about a job?

When am I supposed to worry abt a job or what age am I supposed to try and get one because I don’t know but also I gotta type a long paragraph and I don’t want to fr sooooo yea .8

Trenyhia’s Avatar
Trenyhia Jul 23, 2023 298 views

What’s would you say

What is something I should learn now instead of when I’m 18+ and what is something you wish a teacher,parents, or anyone you know would tell you before you had to figure it out by your self

joe’s Avatar
joe Jul 23, 2023 917 views

do teachers get paid more or less depending on what grade they teach from 1st-12th?

do teachers get paid more or less depending on what grade they teach from 1st-12th?

kristen’s Avatar
kristen Jul 23, 2023 402 views

is it worth it to work your life away ?

is it worth it to go to college, get in debt and work your whole life trying to pay off the debt

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 24, 2023 322 views

Should I be saving the money I earn for college?

I'm an upcoming junior in high school and I work a minimum wage job. It's more of a part-time job or internship, but I've been saving most of my paycheck for college because I'm almost terrified of not having enough money to pay for it. I've been stressing over finances and scholarships and I...

Xian’s Avatar
Xian Jul 25, 2023 515 views

How do I find the perfect job for me?

I thought about being a firefighter ,real estate , or architecture

tameya’s Avatar
tameya Jul 25, 2023 369 views

what are some ways to start preparing for your career as a teenager?

what are some things i can do that’ll help look good when i’m applying for a position at my career?

Elliot’s Avatar
Elliot Jul 25, 2023 508 views

How can u start a career ?

How can I start a career and make good money to support myself fainacially withought screwing it up

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Jul 25, 2023 221 views

How do i start to look for my first job ?

I am almost out of high school and iv only ever babysat I'm looking frowd to turning 18 here soon graduating and getting a real job but I have no idea where to begin

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Jul 26, 2023 463 views

how do I decide what major to pick and can I only pick one major?

I feel like college is so far away but I still need to choose what to study but I don't know how to choose or what to choose. Also I don't know what interests me exactly or what I want to do with my life.