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jocelyn’s Avatar
jocelyn Mar 27 428 views

Internships for High school students interested in law?

I was wondering how to find and where to search for internships as a student in High school interested in law.

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Feb 22 617 views

Do contact sports like wrestling and football look good on a resume?

I currently am participating in football wrestling and would like to know if I should add them to my resumes

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Feb 21 790 views

How can I properly manage my time while still being a full-time student, continuing my internship, and working part-time ?

I'm currently in my first year in community college.

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Nov 26, 2023 310 views

If I want to be an international lawyer, what internships should I apply for?

I'm a high school student who loves public speaking and world events and would like to eventually be a Supranatural lawyer.

Trae’s Avatar
Trae Dec 12, 2023 304 views

What is a good starting point for a future attorney.

9th grade
Criminal defense attorney or prosecuting attorney

owen’s Avatar
owen Dec 11, 2023 387 views

How do I prepare for Pre-Law in college

I am a sophomore in high school who is interested in perusing a career in law. I am interested in what I can do to make college easier for me. Any response is much appreciated

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Nov 20, 2023 590 views

What are the factors I should be considering when deciding my future career?

I haven't even solidified a major or decided what my "dream job" would be. I've tried these tests that are supposed to link me with jobs but none of them make sense to me.

Bryce’s Avatar
Bryce Nov 08, 2023 360 views

How important was making a high paying salary to your career choice and why?

I am interested in ranching, automotive technician or farm equipment technician. More questions: - Do you feel you made the correct career choice right away? Do you have any regrets? Would’ve you done anything differently? - Did you live in the dorms or off campus? What are the pros and cons...