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ISM Rep @ AT&T DirecTV
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Huntsville, Alabama
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Eileen Dec 14, 2022 418 views


What was hard about starting with business? How did you progress with the process?

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Austry Dec 15, 2022 643 views

What does a nurse do in their everyday lives?

What do they like about it?

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Toluwanimi Jun 23, 2020 657 views

Do you need an iPad + stylus to be successful in the med school in the US?

I frequently watch "day in the life of a med student" videos on YouTube and every med student seems to have one. #medicine #doctor

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Samantha Dec 11, 2019 574 views

What field of psychology would be best for me?

I am a second year college student majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I am unsure of where I want to go with my career. I am interested in mental disorders and the affects they have on the brain. As well as figuring out why criminals commit crime. If you have any advise on...

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Adriana May 23, 2018 523 views

Long and short term advise for those who are pursing the nursing field?

#nursing #nurse #healthcare #medicine #hospital-and-healthcare

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Lexis Sep 24, 2019 773 views

do you have to have a nice and expensive camera to become a professional photographer?

#photography #career

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John Dec 10, 2019 602 views

I would like to pursue a career in design of some sort. What are some resources I can use to designate my place in the industry.

#marketing #graphic-design #art #clothingdesign #fashion

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Diego Dec 10, 2019 930 views

How long did you take to study your career as an office administrator?

I want to take the career of office administration career and i want to learn more about it. #professional #career-choice #career #office-administrator #office #administration

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Kaleb Dec 12, 2019 660 views

Do most neurosurgeons work in hospitals?

I want to be a neurosurgeon but just was wondering where most are employed? Hospitals? Private practices? #doctor #medicine #medical #premed

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Alyssa Dec 12, 2019 645 views

What is the best way to prepare for a pre-med program?

Hello, I’m in 11th grade and I am highly interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. Of course, with this in mind I’ve been trying my best to excel in chemistry, biology and other helpful classes. I’m wondering if there are any other ways or a better approach to preparing myself for a...

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Angelina Dec 11, 2019 453 views

How do you take care of yourself when dealing with other people's problems?

I am an 8th grade student researching careers and this question will be posted for all students to see. #psychology

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Lexis Sep 24, 2019 474 views

What parts of being a photographer do you find most challenging?


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Jawanda Oct 03, 2019 2811 views

How do you deal with someone who isn't satisfied with your patient care?


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Breann Nov 14, 2019 471 views

How do you become a pediatric nurse?

I am a junior in High school and am thinking about becoming a pediatric nurse. I really enjoy working with kids, helping people, and just interacting with other people. I also really like science and learning about medicine. I want to know what high school classes could help me be prepared for...

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Dante Dec 10, 2019 554 views

Does annual pay increase over the years? How do i start?

I am a student trying pursue a career in the medical field #medical #nursing #doctor #medicine