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Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 04, 2018 785 views

What are the best coding languages to learn?

I am looking to be a CS major in college, and I am wondering what languages would be worth learning for optimal success.

#coding #software-development #computer-science #technology

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan May 13, 2016 1344 views

I'm looking to go into business/economics. Any books or important concepts I should know involving investment and financing ?

How can I better develop myself as an incoming college student trying to learn business and finance. I feel that I'm relatively new to the area but am very interested in learning and pursuing a degree in that type of study #business #college-major

Shubham’s Avatar
Shubham Jun 04, 2015 1624 views

Software engineer

Which subject I have to study in 11th class for becoming a software engineer and after that what I have to do? #computer #software #computer-engineering #software-engineering #software-industry

Earl’s Avatar
Earl Jun 04, 2015 1804 views

Which science classes do I need for or software engineering ?

I want to know what science classes in particular should I take for computer science. #computer-science #software-engineering #computer-programming #software-development

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Mar 24, 2015 1301 views

Is it possible for me to make it in the music industry with just a great ear and without a great skill in sight reading?

I'm a great musician. I can play piano, drums and bass guitar really well. But I play only by ear. I can't sight read very well so I substitute that hindrance with my good ear. I've played with many bands without a problem, but I'm not sure if that will change if I make that my career. I know...

Walner’s Avatar
Walner Apr 08, 2014 1684 views

How would you determine if you are interested in the game design industry?

As a high school student, I don't have many, if any, opportunities to take a summer program/internship that is directly related to video games. What character traits are essential as a game designer? Is game design comparable to any other profession? #video-games

Shubham’s Avatar
Shubham Jan 24, 2015 2316 views

I want to work in EA Games as a game developer engineer so what should I do next

I am a student of computer science and engineering(bachelor's degree ), computer is my passion and gaming is my hobby, I am good in c,c++ and Java language also I have experience in developing computer desktop app and android app for college projects #animation #game-design #game-development...