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Linda Francis, CTAL-TM, CTFL-AT

(ESQA) Manage a team of off-site software testers.
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
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Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Aug 05, 2020 989 views

What’s a good career/major if you absolutely sucks at everything related to math and numbers but you are pretty good at everything else?

I’ve been struggling a lot in my advanced math classes, but I did exceptionally well in all of my other classes, including physics. Is there any computer related major that doesn’t involve too much math?(No calculus involved please) #math #mathematics #career-options #computer

Chandresh’s Avatar
Chandresh Jul 30, 2020 631 views

Internships for Computer Science major?

I graduated from high school this June and I will be attending college. I plan on pursuing computer science, and I would like to know what internships will be beneficial in the future, and when is the best time to start?
#JULY20 #college

Chandresh’s Avatar
Chandresh Jul 30, 2020 499 views

Accelerated Master's Program vs Minor

I will be attending college to study computer science this fall, and while I have time before I can apply to be part of the accelerated master's program, I want to plan out my college path in advance. I do plan on getting a master degree in the future, but I am also considering to do a minor in...

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 30, 2020 656 views

When you want to do business how do you make sure what your providing is different?

I’m a high school student and I find it creative and interesting to have something of your own that you can have control over. Bringing something out to the world the can help the people is important.

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 25, 2020 1387 views

How did you decide what you wanted to do after college?

I am a rising high school senior who is interested in STEM, and I would like to know more about the possible career paths in this field. #career #stem #careers #engineering #tech #medicine #technology #chemistry #math #economics #mathematics #data

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Sep 25, 2019 1688 views

Is a teacher salary enough for a person?

#financial-planning #education #teacher #teaching #teaching #salary

Micheal’s Avatar
Micheal Dec 04, 2019 609 views

What is a regular day as a welder

#welding #cutter #construction #career #job #career-choice

George’s Avatar
George Oct 28, 2019 694 views

How can I become a successful Real Estate Broker?

#real-estate #business #finance #investing

Joulee’s Avatar
Joulee Sep 11, 2019 473 views

What preparations did you have to take for this career?

NPower student in Harlem NY, interested in the IT field and curious about certain career paths I can take. #career-path

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Jul 29, 2019 1057 views

How do you find a career

#career-choice #career-path

Perla’s Avatar
Perla Jul 01, 2019 639 views

How can I obtain training or experience working with animals?

I am going to school for Zoology to become a Zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo. I have been told that obtaining any relevant work with handling animals would look good on my resume. Especially while I am attending school, but I have a full-time job and am going to school full time. How would I be...

Zaida’s Avatar
Zaida Aug 05, 2019 816 views

When I do not meet all the requirements for a job, should I still see if it is possible for me to get that job?

I am an artist and I'd rather not work a job that keeps me grounded. I want to go places, meet creative people and do something I love. #job #career #art #job-search #career-counseling

Ourania’s Avatar
Ourania Jan 22, 2019 592 views

Why did you choose to become a electrician for your occupation?

What variables made you decide this is what you want to do with your life?
What steps were taking for you to achieve your career and goal(s) ?
#career #electrical # electrician

Levi’s Avatar
Levi Jul 25, 2019 532 views

What time period elapses between pay raises in Carpentry?

Not just construction carpentry, also woodcraft. #construction #woodwork #Carpentry #woodcraft #Building