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Christie C. Apr 04, 2020 471 views

What are some best practices for building a LinkedIn profile as a college student?

On a more specific note, should I include my role in an executive board for a student organization in the experiences section or in the volunteering section? #student #resume #job #career #college #linkedin...


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Chloe B. Apr 06, 2020 152 views

Looking for postgrad fellowships or master's programs for an aspiring diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner

I am a current Junior at Villanova University studying Communication and Peace and Justice Studies. I have a real passion for creating inclusive environments and facilitating conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am now looking at what my next steps should be after college,...

#dei #diversity #masters #fellowships #inclusion

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George S. May 27, 2020 425 views

What volunteering positions are great in order to become a Software Engineer?

I am a Junior at Aviation High School, the past 2 weeks I spend my time trying to find remote volunteering roles. Some of them included WordPress Mentor, Data Entry and Remote Student Mentor/Tutor. Are they any other volunteering positions that could help land my first job at a tech startup or...

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George S. May 27, 2020 389 views

How to approach phone interviews on volunteering roles?

Many volunteering roles require a Zoom or phone interview. What are some great tips and tricks to keep in mind while on the phone. What should we not mention in any phone interview. Adding a small script to say in order to introduce yourself would be great. Thank you! #interviews #career...

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Alora J. May 27, 2020 345 views

Which major should I go for to get my dream job?

I’m starting college in the fall and I’m going for a double major. My end goal is to help find sex trafficking victims online. I’m not interested or capable of doing field work. I’ll be going for computer sciences but I can’t decide if social work or criminal justice would be the right way to...

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Vidhi K. Jun 09, 2020 358 views

I am a high School Grad. Please help me select my college

I just graduated from high school. I am planning to attend an online university because I don't want to waste my years waiting for the pandemic to be over. Can someone suggest me which online university is the best for Computer science? Is the degree worth it that I can get a job after I...

#college-major #college #covid19 #distanceeducation

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