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Anna Z. May 20, 2016 641 views

Is spending 8 years learning really worth becoming a doctor?

Right now, I'm a sophomore in high school and very often people ask me who I want to be after college. My response had usually been a doctor, but after doing some research about the job, I understand that becoming an actual doctor is a very rocky step. I feel like a lot of time is needed, as...

#debt #learning #doctor #medical-school #expenses #student-loans

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Heidy M. Aug 11, 2018 619 views
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helen V. Aug 27, 2019 131 views

is a doctor a good future career for me ?

Im in the 10th grade and i like helping others that need any type of help. I enjoy being helpful any way i can . #futurecareer #medicine #helpful #doctor...


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Irene M. May 04, 2020 178 views

Is the medical field for rich kids only?

As a pre medics student, sometimes I feel like the path I’m choosing it’s going to lead to my downfall #medical #medicine...


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Jeff S. May 05, 2020 76 views
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Jeff S. May 05, 2020 96 views
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Jeff S. May 16, 2020 117 views