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Ish S. May 20, 2016 361 views

Any internships available for High School student in computer science?

Hi I am a high school student looking for an internship in computer science. I have a background in HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, Java, Arduino and git. I am dedicated and over the summer have plenty of time to work. For additional details please contact me. #science...


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Farida M. Apr 11, 2016 541 views

Does being a lawyer earn you good pay?

Will being a lawyer earn you good pay?I am asking because I want to know if it could be practiced as a full time job. #lawyer #attorney...


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Savannah C. May 20, 2016 353 views

Which tech careers are better to be in small cities compared to large cities?

This helps people understand that location is a key point to consider as well....


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Celestin H. May 20, 2016 2810 views

Best way to enter the entertainment industry on the business side

Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in college, and my professional future seems to be directed towards advertising. After an internship in marketing in general, I am interning this summer in an ad agency, on the data analysis side. Yet, my dream is to work in the entertainment industry, on...

#entertainment-marketing #entertainment-industry #marketing #career-change #entertainment #digital-advertising #advertising

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Calvin K. May 19, 2016 676 views

What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry...


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Chantel L. May 20, 2016 584 views

How does your college choice affect the pay rate in your career field?

I am enrolling at the University of Georgia for Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering in the fall. I am asking to get more insight on whether attending graduate school at a more prestigious university is a waste of time and money. #business #engineer...


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Sheree W. May 20, 2016 1087 views

Would it cost money to change your major before actually starting it?

What if I want to major in something and I change my mind at the last minute....


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Janet A. May 20, 2016 496 views
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Pallas-Amenah M. May 20, 2016 623 views

I will be starting college in the fall of 2016, should I work this summer, in hope of being able to replace work study.

I am planning to enter college as a freshman this fall. In order to keep any scholarship I receive, I need to do well.Because of this, I am afraid to accept work study. #professor #college-student...


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Zakery K. May 20, 2016 373 views

Can somebody please fill me in on what chemical engineers do, and where jobs are most common for them?

I think I have a pretty good idea on the job description but I would appreciate a legitimate first hand account. Also, I have no clue on where this occupation is found; my family and I are kinda worried I might have to move across the country (which is something I would be willing to do)....

#chemistry #engineering #help #chemical #job-descriptions

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Quinn N. Jan 30, 2015 962 views

I want to be a lawyer ...but probably in business so now IAM taking history and economics as I think it suits my goal of being a business lawyer one day.. Generally I wana be a lawyer so am I currently doing the right thing??

IAM a secondary student studying my last year in college and will be looking forward for a scholarship next year IAM only asking this question because I don't know if IAM making the right choices of taking economics and history as my major subjects at school so when I go to university I will...

#english #constitution #legal-studies #law #politics #business

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Morgan G. May 19, 2016 575 views

What is the average number of children in a containment classroom?

I want to be a Special Education teacher and I know inclusion versus containment classroom sizes differ so I wanted to know what the average is....


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Hannah G. May 20, 2016 539 views

What kind of Careers can i get with a bachelors in psychology?

I want to work while I peruse my masters...


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Faith M. May 20, 2016 1102 views

How do you narrow down your interests in order to determine which field to pursue?

I have many different interests, and I'm not sure which I enjoy the most. Therefore, I don't know what job to pursue. #teacher #college-student #intern...


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Angelika J. May 20, 2016 388 views

How much schooling is required to attain a degree in dermatology and is the education never ending?

I have a high interest in skin care and having healthy skin....


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Christian M. May 22, 2015 1192 views

What are the current job skills/responsibilities/task for a DATABASE/DATA ANALYST?

I'm an advertising major, looking to expand into high tech. I would like to know what it takes to be a data analyst in the silicon valley. #databases...


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Malinda B. May 20, 2016 358 views

Im 17 and starting my senior year along with taking all my pre reps throughout my senior year and working a part time job. How am I going to afford college?

I cant get any scholarships and kinda scared and concerned how I am gonna afford college....


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Gloria Z. Oct 24, 2015 739 views

What are some colleges for Computer Science?

I am currently a junior in high school and I have been looking at some colleges. I plan to major in computer science but I am not sure what college are good for this major. I know that very popular colleges, such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UCLA, UCB, Cal Tech (etc) but they are all really...

#college #graphic-design #computer-science

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Sandy B. May 06, 2016 546 views

How should i start a career in video games?

I'm 14 and i want to follow this path...


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Jabrea K. May 20, 2016 492 views

If I do summer classes will there be a guarantee that I will graduate early or on time?

I am asking this because I applied to a school as undecided, I though that I was not going to get accepted into the nursing program. The lady I spoke to said that I will be on a 5 year track because the nursing program is filled up now. I was hoping that I could take summer classes or...


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Shantavia B. May 20, 2016 352 views

Time Management

I find it difficult to manage my time. studying for Nursing School, cooking and planning my day with the kids. any...

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Deja A. May 19, 2016 486 views

Physical Therapy

If I'm wanting to go down the path of physical therapy, what should I get my bachelor's in, Athletic Training, or Kinesiology? (I'm wanting to be more of a Sports Physical therapist, working with sports related injuries.) #physical-therapist #athletic-training...


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mario T. May 19, 2016 3204 views

do you have to join the army to get into West Point?

I want to get into West Point but i was wondering if you have to join the army...


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Joscelyn O. May 18, 2016 551 views

What is the best way to ensure the right credits get transferred to a 4-year college?

I will be attending John Tyler Community College this fall, and I am planning to transfer (sooner rather than later) to VCU after I finish my prerequisites. I will be majoring in general science with the intended career path of pre-medicine; therefore, I will have a wider variety of job...

#college-advising #college-advisement #college-transfer #college-advice

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Elizabeth B. May 13, 2016 793 views

Is an online program such as the Zoo and Aquarium Science one from the Animal Behavior Institute an accredited program? And if so, can those courses that you take be transferred to a college for further education?

I am debating on whether I should just take the program and become a zoo keeper then later possibly going back to college to further my education in a zoology degree if I so choose. #animals...


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farheen B. May 20, 2016 328 views
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Vera B. May 20, 2016 553 views

What schools produce the most talented doctors?

Because I would like to choose one of them to pursue my medical career. #doctor...


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Joseph A. May 18, 2016 1236 views

What are the steps one must take to develop a quiz based mobile app game that utilizes 3D animations?

I have always been interested in computer technology and graphic arts. However, I never pursued those career paths due to the projected low income that coincides with a job in those industries. I am currently interested in developing an app which prompted the subject matter of my question....

#motion-graphics #3d-graphics #graphic-designer #computer-science #programming

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Savannah C. May 20, 2016 208 views