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Beulaville, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Ann-Leigh’s Avatar
Ann-Leigh Dec 09, 2023 541 views

How do I prepare for collage ?

While I’m in the ninth grade what are some things I should do to get prepared for college since I want to be for fashion designing

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Oct 16, 2023 676 views

In Forensics, how does Luminol interact specifically with other chemicals and substances and what produces the most drastic outcome?

I may not have spelled Luminol correctly so I hope I was not too far off from the point. By drastic, I mean what chemical or substance would produce the most desired outcome?

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Sep 25, 2023 294 views

How do you start a business ?

I want to have a gymnastics gym and be a school teacher at the same time

Isadora’s Avatar
Isadora Aug 21, 2023 473 views

how can I set a path to be successful at a young age?

I am 16
I want to start a business and be a young entrepreneur
any advice on certain books to read or habits that will help

Reniya’s Avatar
Reniya Jul 28, 2023 883 views

How do you find jobs associated with true crime?

I am interested in true Crime

elizabeth’s Avatar
elizabeth Jul 28, 2023 250 views

What is the best way to go about becoming a full time nanny?

I’m interested in becoming a full time nanny but i’m unsure on how to get there.

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Apr 15, 2023 423 views

I have an Associate's Degree from a Community College, but no prior professional work experience. Where should I start? I wish to work fully remote.

I have no prior professional work experience but I've been working 4 years as a self-employed caregiver and childcare provider. I'm interested in either becoming a virtual tutor, virtual assistant, or freelance software developer/tester.

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Feb 06, 2023 611 views

Could you use carpentry to get into Real Estate ?

I'm in job corp in pisgah forest in Scheck NC I'm just wondering if I can use this skill to get into real estate

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Sep 20, 2018 506 views

I don't know which career path I want to go on in life and if anyone has any tips they want to give me, please do!

#career #college

Emmalee’s Avatar
Emmalee Aug 28, 2018 1066 views

How can I know if becoming an editor is right for me?

As a kid, I always wanted to become an author. Now that I'm older, I'm more interested in editing at a publishing company. When friends have given me their writing to look over, I enjoy cleaning up the grammar as well as improving the flow and phrasing. However, since this has been my dream for...

Emmalee’s Avatar
Emmalee Aug 28, 2018 918 views

What steps should I take to become an editor?

Eventually I want to edit books for a living. Right now I'm a senior in high school. I plan on majoring in English once in college. Where do I go from there? #editor #writing #english #literature

Jahlil’s Avatar
Jahlil Aug 15, 2018 595 views

How fast should I pay off my student loans?

If my loans are on a fixed rate is their anyway I could pay it all at once or will I have to stay with the monthly rate?

Jahlil’s Avatar
Jahlil Aug 14, 2018 512 views

How do I mange money better while in college?

What items should I get while I'm attending school and how can I gain assets?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 24, 2018 839 views

As an adult what are some good money saving strategies

#money #money-management #everyone

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 24, 2018 914 views

What colleges in north carolina are best for majoring in nursing?

#professor #nursing

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