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becky N. yesterday 53 views

what career is right for me

I'm an Asian exchange student and in 10th grade private school. I so confused that what job is right for me if next year i go to college #college #career...


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Athena B. Apr 29, 2018 414 views

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It’s easy to find generic advice online, but some of the best advice is not really projected. I want to know what piece of advice helped you most in A.) College, and B.) Life in general. #college-advice #life...


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Naly D. Oct 03, 2019 32 views
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jared C. Oct 03, 2019 30 views
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jared C. Oct 03, 2019 48 views
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Lindsey B. Nov 26, 2019 61 views
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Matthew F. Nov 15, 2019 32 views

What are three things i should know about Cement Mason?

#job Hi I am a Job Corps student I am trying to learn a little more about my trade. I have a few other questions regarding to the trade I want to do... 1. what are some values the cement company's look for in a person when they hire? 2. What steps do you recommend I take before I entering...


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cavin M. Jul 11, 2019 98 views
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Kameron F. Sep 20, 2019 93 views

Is getting a college degree worth it?

I am considering my career options in a computer hardware field and a lot of them that I am interested in usually require at least a bachelors degree. How often/Will the cost of college be worth the opportunities opened? #college...


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jared C. Oct 03, 2019 29 views
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pouesi J. Jul 16, 2019 78 views
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Jade S. Mar 13, 2018 215 views

Is double majoring your first time in college too stressful and worth it? Or should I wait until I know more about what I can do?

The job I want after graduation requires a criminology degree but by getting another degree, I could even go further into that field. Would it be worth it to double major or should I wait longer to see what I can do? #double-major #cost...


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pouesi J. Jul 11, 2019 76 views
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Amanda H. Mar 20, 2018 193 views

What if my roommate and I don't get along?

I'm struggling to find a roommate who has similar interests. I'm all for meeting someone new, but I don't want someone who has a personalty contradictory to my own. I want to be open and social but I'm scared I won't be like the other students. #college...


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Jade S. Mar 13, 2018 213 views

If I were to work on my prerequisites at a local public university for two years and then transfer too a public university out of state, is it worth it?

I have never really wanted to go to a local college because its too close to home and I love to travel. I only chose it because it was cheaper than any others and my parents are not helping me pay for college. Would it be worth it to switch colleges after two years or should I just stay with...

#college #community-college #college-transfer

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Caitlin M. May 16, 2016 401 views

How to get a head start in becoming a dietitian?

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am going to be a sophomore in college. I just went and enrolled at Kansas state University and when I talked to my advisor she told me that this is a very competitive field. I have gone and job shadowed and I know this is exactly what I want to do. I just need...

#dietetics #nutritionist #diet #nutrition #dietitian

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Aubrey B. Aug 22, 2018 190 views

College is costly. What are some tips and tricks that will help me stick to a budget? What jobs work best for college students?

I want to double major, so finding time to work more than a part time job will be very difficult. What are some simple ways for me to make and save money? #college-jobs #job-search #help...


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Athena B. Apr 29, 2018 235 views

What’s the hardest part about studying abroad and how can a student better prepare his/herself?

I am an American preparing to study at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland for four years and would just like to know some of the unexpected difficulties of studying abroad along with some suggestions to avoid any mishaps. #study-abroad #ireland #living-abroad #university-abroad...

Aubrey B.’s Avatar
Aubrey B. Aug 22, 2018 217 views

So much to do, so little time. What is it like to double major? Can I choose two unrelated majors, or do they have to be connected?

I have a lot of things that I'm interested in studying, but my top two are theatre and psychology. Crazy, right? Would it be possible for me to do both at the same time? #college #psychology #majors #career...


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Crista F. Oct 22, 2016 584 views

What would you consider to be the most valuable facet of computer science to the world today?

Computer science and technology has long been my passion, yet my dream is to contribute to the world positively. Many information technology careers seem to be trivial and/or wealth oriented. In what fields are people encouraged to develop computer technology for the benefit of mankind, rather...

#technology #science #computer-science #information-technology #humanitarian #ethics

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Beau W. Dec 19, 2017 266 views

I would like hands-on work that allows travel in a nonprofit organization that helps endangered species. What degree(s) should I pursue?

I am willing to get involved with anything from the sciences to social work. I just need recommendations, or directions to a degree/ course of study I can look into that will get me moving forward. Thank you! #nonprofits #endangered-species #career #public-sector #animals...


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Meilin S. Sep 29, 2017 398 views

As someone with an interest in Environmental Engineering, what kind of steps can I take in high school to further my exposure?

My future occupation is to become an Environmental Engineer. I want to help create new solutions that will make a lasting impact on our environment, and I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there. #environmental-engineering...


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Kamry C. May 09, 2018 193 views

What colleges offer anti-human trafficking courses or I guess degrees?

I'm a high school student currently and already know I want to put my life on the line in different developing countries and stop human trafficking. I want to go to college and be able to directly progress in this field but have no idea what colleges offer the best programs for prepping to be...

#foreign-languages #college-courses #college-majors #save-children #human-trafficking #foreign-countries #college #foreign

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Anais M. Jan 23, 2018 286 views

What type of classes do you have to take in college to become a therapist?

I am asking this question because I am going to begin running start and would love to know what classes I could take to knock off a few years of college that I would have to pay for. #therapists #running-start...


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Amanda H. Mar 20, 2018 320 views

What if I don't receive any of the scholarships I applied for?

I have applied for over 25 scholarships and I haven't heard back from any of them. I've worked really hard with essays and questionnaires, filling out all my information and I really want to be successful. I hope I got these scholarships for college because I don't want to have to worry about...

#college #scholarships

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Annalisa G. Jan 15, 2018 293 views

what should i put on my resume as a first time job seeker?

I'm starting to look for jobs, but I don't know what employers want to see from me, given I have not held a career before. #jobs #resume...


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Annalisa G. Jan 15, 2018 133 views

How do i get the most money from my college

Price is a big factor for my family and me and I need to know how I can get the most money out of schools to lower the price #college #finance...


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Anais M. Jan 23, 2018 232 views

Is being a therapist a tough job?

I am considering being a therapist....


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