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Cheney, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
banoo’s Avatar
banoo Apr 08 202 views

what is a long term goal in college?

would financial aid give you enough money to continue more years of college.

banoo’s Avatar
banoo Apr 08 98 views

what is the best type of architecture?

commercial architect is the best type of architect in my opinion it can make you better at your career. It also makes you a lot of money and proffessionals.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 30 180 views

when trying to become a nurse...?

when trying to become a nurse, do you take medical classes after you get your bacholers?

Gavin’s Avatar
Gavin Feb 17 607 views

What can I Do to Break into the TV Writing Industry?

What can I do as an aspiring screenwriter to get my stories out there. I write all kinds of different things with relatable characters that touches on REAL topics of today. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!🎬

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Jan 24 564 views

Career in environmental science?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in environmental science. Can you share your experiences and insights about the daily tasks and responsibilities of an environmental scientist? What qualifications or degrees are typically required to enter this field, and are there any specific sports book...

lincoln’s Avatar
lincoln Dec 06, 2023 278 views

how can I make good money?

get a good degree

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Aug 31, 2023 248 views

how would you become an brain ultrasound technician

what kind of school options do i have? what’s the most effective studying plan?

Lilyana’s Avatar
Lilyana Aug 30, 2023 335 views

How do I make a resume good enough to get a job at a place like Spirit Halloween?

I applied there a few weeks ago, and im worried my resume may get overlooked..

Tamantha’s Avatar
Tamantha Aug 06, 2023 172 views

How do I find a career that works best for me?

I'm going into grade 11th and my hobbies are drawing, writing, painting, arts and crafts and reading. I'm not that good at organizing or being tidy, I'm also not good at sitting or standing for long periods of time. I can be patient but sometimes not so much, sometimes I can talk your ear off...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 24, 2023 288 views

What are some good major options for me (context below)?

I’m going into running start and I want to become a surgeon of some sort (I’m not exactly sure what kind yet) and I don’t want to isolate myself into one career path just in case I change career paths at some point.

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jul 08, 2023 268 views

How can I make a good profit by doing something in the english category, that isn’t teaching?

How can I make a good profit by doing something in the english, book region of things. I am in 10th grade, and I have heard from teachers that becoming an author is not a good idea, (What I was wanting to do) because you won’t make enough money to live unless you books hits bestsellers. So is...

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 16, 2023 289 views

Is "Folklore" a degree?

Is it a real degree I can get? or is it like "I'm an English major with a focus in folklore?"

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 16, 2023 182 views

Are there even jobs involving folklore?

folklore is awesome, so I'd like to study it, but I've also heard its not a stable job.

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 10, 2023 836 views

Is designing video games any fun?

Id love to have a job I truly enjoy, so I'm split between becoming an MD or pursuing a career in video games.

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 10, 2023 194 views

How difficult is anesthesiology?

I want to know if i can do it.

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