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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Within 40 mile radius
cavin’s Avatar
cavin Jul 12, 2019 995 views

how creative is the welding industry and can i create big sculpture or is it a narrow feild when it comes to creativity

#art #marketing #business #welding

cavin’s Avatar
cavin Jul 11, 2019 625 views

can i be creative in the job im going in

#job #career #construction

pouesi’s Avatar
pouesi Jul 11, 2019 524 views

what do you enjoy the most about the job?

#welding #career #job

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Sep 27, 2018 901 views

What can I get involved in to help my application to a dietetics program look better?

#college #science #college-selection #internship #dietetics #nutrition

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Anna Sep 27, 2018 720 views

I feel like I am not getting involved in college as much as I should. I basically go to my classes and that's it. I don't really go out or anything... I'm majoring in dietetics and want to get involved in some things related to that or just overall fun activities, but I'm not sure what or how. Any suggestions?

#college #involvement #college-advice #college-selection

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Aug 22, 2018 688 views

So much to do, so little time. What is it like to double major? Can I choose two unrelated majors, or do they have to be connected?

I have a lot of things that I'm interested in studying, but my top two are theatre and psychology. Crazy, right? Would it be possible for me to do both at the same time? #college #psychology #majors #career #Theatre

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Aug 22, 2018 717 views

College is costly. What are some tips and tricks that will help me stick to a budget? What jobs work best for college students?

I want to double major, so finding time to work more than a part time job will be very difficult. What are some simple ways for me to make and save money? #college-jobs #job-search #help #working

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jul 12, 2018 716 views

Prereqs for Med School?

I know that medical schools typically require you to have one year of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Would Anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, or microbiology cover the biology part? (I'm taking all of them) Also, if I end up not taking a lab for half of semester in...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jul 06, 2018 771 views

Would it be better to work as a medical scribe or job shadow doctors?

I do not really have any experience with the medical field, and I really want more exposure because I think that I am interested in becoming a doctor. What way would you suggest to be the best way to introduce myself to and get more involved with this field? Is it difficult to be a scribe if...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jul 06, 2018 682 views

Majors as pre-med?

So I'm going to be a freshman in college this upcoming year, and I am majoring in dietetics. I am really interested in health and medicine especially when it is food related. I love the idea of being a dietitian, but I don't think that it will be challenging enough for me to be happy. I...

Kamry’s Avatar
Kamry May 09, 2018 787 views

What colleges offer anti-human trafficking courses or I guess degrees?

I'm a high school student currently and already know I want to put my life on the line in different developing countries and stop human trafficking. I want to go to college and be able to directly progress in this field but have no idea what colleges offer the best programs for prepping to be...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 29, 2018 852 views

What’s the hardest part about studying abroad and how can a student better prepare his/herself?

I am an American preparing to study at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland for four years and would just like to know some of the unexpected difficulties of studying abroad along with some suggestions to avoid any mishaps.

#study-abroad #ireland #living-abroad #university-abroad #ireland-

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 29, 2018 1824 views

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It’s easy to find generic advice online, but some of the best advice is not really projected. I want to know what piece of advice helped you most in A.) College, and B.) Life in general.

#college-advice #life #advice

Kinzie’s Avatar
Kinzie Mar 21, 2018 541 views

Is it better to live on campus when you attend college?

Most colleges I've checked out give you the option to live on campus , everyone says living on campus is better.#campuslife

Kinzie’s Avatar
Kinzie Mar 21, 2018 771 views

What is the best way to manage college scholarship applications?

Well I'm starting to apply for scholarships for college, and I'm not sure which ones are reliable. #scholarships #college #financial-planning

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