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Dorado, Puerto Rico

Within 40 mile radius
David’s Avatar
David May 30, 2019 742 views

How should I best manage schoolwork and a healthy lifestyle in college?

Anyone can answer, students and professionals alike. I'd like to know how you all manage it. #health #college #sleep

David’s Avatar
David May 30, 2019 1007 views

What's the best way to study for my college business prerequisites?

Accounting and data analytics seem like very daunting courses. Should I worry? #business #accounting #data #analytics #financial-accounting

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Apr 07, 2019 672 views

How's a day in a graphic designers life?

#graphic-design #computer #web-design #design #art

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 27, 2019 876 views

Should I apply for more than 1 college?

I am applying for SCAD next year and I was wondering if I should Put my heart on this one or see other chances since my chances for getting into this one are very high at the moment. #scad #animation #georgia #college #transferr #desicion

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 27, 2019 587 views

advice for starting college in other country?

When I graduate I wanna study animation in SCAD atlanta but I don't know where or how to start this transition or how can i get scholarships. So... any advice out there? #scholarship #design #art #college #money #animation #transferr

Ernie’s Avatar
Ernie Jan 24, 2018 942 views

Electrical engineering or computer engineering

I wish to work on a big tech company (apple, Samsung, dell, etc). What should I study?? I'm good at math so that won't be a problem.

Salome’s Avatar
Salome Jul 30, 2016 17578 views

Which careers integrate art and math/science?

Im a Junior but I've been wondering since 9th grade what to study,because originally I wanted to study Aerospacial engineering, later on Pediatric Chiropactor and right now I have no Idea what to study. I'm injterested in art beacause I've been studying Theater,dance and music(I just graduated...

Jahomy’s Avatar
Jahomy Jun 13, 2016 633 views

What steps should I take to assure my future in medicine?

I'm only in 11th grade so it might be too early to ask but i'd like to know the steps I can take to gaurantee a successful future in medicine. I want to make sure I do everything in my ability to achieve my dream of working in medicine. #doctor #medicine

Jahomy’s Avatar
Jahomy Jun 13, 2016 1247 views

What makes a college perfect for me?

I am a 16 year old girl from Puerto Rico. In August, I'll officially be in 11th grade. That means that it is time to start looking for a college. As a newbie in college researching, I've noticed how many colleges exist worldwide. Sometimes, picking the right one seems impossible. I need advice...

Caroline M’s Avatar
Caroline M May 20, 2016 770 views

How do doctors balance work and family? Is it recommendable to have a family when you're going to pursue a medical career?

I want to have a family but I'm worried I'll neglect my family because of my work. #doctor #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

Caroline M’s Avatar
Caroline M May 20, 2016 737 views

Are there any scholarship, besides the Grand Pell scholarship, that can help me pay my studies, without the use of a student loans?

I am sophomore student at my college in Puerto Rico and I can't find a job to cover my college expenses. I'm planning to enroll in Medical school after I finish my bio-medical science baccalaureate degree and I don't want to start using student loans now, so I can use them in Med school....

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 15, 2016 1337 views

What are the steps that a virologist under goes to investigate an unknown virus?

My interest career wise is investigation. I'm less than 3 months away to start my bachelors degree in Biology and I have been thinking into what branch I'll be delving in to once I finish it. One of them is virology. I understand that this studies the deseases that viruses cause in an organism....

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 14, 2016 1014 views

What is the number one business for Animation (like companies?)?

I'm really interested in becoming a concept artist. #animation #3d-animation

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 14, 2016 978 views

Whats the average income of a concept artist?

This has been my dream job for years. #computer #3d-animation

Wilmer’s Avatar
Wilmer Dec 03, 2014 4377 views

Why do you love Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering?

Im a senior in high school wanting to study Mechanical Engineering and later work in aerospace (the university I'm applying to allows for some deep specialization in aerospace). I'm pretty sure this is really what I want to do so, if you work in either of these fields please tell me why you...

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