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El Monte, California

Within 40 mile radius
amara’s Avatar
amara Mar 24 273 views

how will i get my admission?

career tips

Latoya’s Avatar
Latoya Mar 24 529 views

What does a software Engineer do in this day and era?

Is becoming a software engineer still a viable career?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Mar 21 304 views

How to improve my work ethic?

How to improve my work ethic?

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Mar 21 691 views

What projects can I do using SQL to showcase my talent for resume purposes?

Hello, I'm a second year Pre-Business major at California State University, Fullerton looking to concentrate in Management Information Systems or Business Data Analytics. I have recently started to learn SQL using DataCamp and I was wondering what projects I can do to help improve my resume.

Scar’s Avatar
Scar Mar 20 305 views

How can one become succesful?

best career hacks

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Mar 19 509 views

What career path suits me best?

Honest replies will go a long way to guide me in choosing a career that will best suit me and help my future

emily’s Avatar
emily Mar 19 992 views

How can i start on being a runway model and what do i need?

I have always loved,beauty, confidence, and decorating and fashion but i dont know if this carrer will last long and i have a lot of other ideas but i also what to know your opinion on a good career with fashion, design and organize and decorating and baking

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Mar 18 262 views

What Degree should I be looking at to be a clinical psychologist?

I’m trying to figure degree pathways to be a clinical therapist and eventually a clinical psychologist. From what I’m aware of my degree should be in science i.e. BS, MS, I don’t think I can find anything AS-T with Psychology unless I just don’t know where to look. I’ve found 2 degree programs...

Rael’s Avatar
Rael Mar 18 366 views

What time is best to study ?

How can i be organised

Risper’s Avatar
Risper Mar 17 358 views

What can i do to be disciplined ?

How to achieve my goals

Corinne’s Avatar
Corinne Mar 16 329 views

How do I make money being a private pilot?

I am 15 and in 10th grade!

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Mar 15 436 views

How and where can you obtain a food handling permit in California?

I was wondering about this question when I was looking at a subway job application and saw the requirement is a food handling permit.

Simone’s Avatar
Simone Mar 15 479 views

What those the word financial institutions mean?

I just want to know more about finance and alot more about financial institutions

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Mar 14 454 views

Careers in Canada requiring fluent bilinguism?

hi all, I've been working in the flower delivery industry for a few years. I was raised by my dad who taught me French, and I lived in the US since I was a child. For financial reasons, I'm considering a move to Canada. Since it's a bilingual country, I was wondering which careers required the...

Lilly-Rose’s Avatar
Lilly-Rose Mar 13 835 views

how can i become a singer?

i'm a 14 years old girl that leaves in LA i'd love to become a singer, but i need a specific path with specific day to day plans and what singing comp should i do etc...

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