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Florida, New York

Within 40 mile radius
Yenny’s Avatar
Yenny Jul 12 633 views

How can I get rich?

how do i start investing with little money?
Should i have a retirement account right after highschool?

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jul 11 343 views

How can I find internship in STEM ?

(remote or on-site)

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jul 01 522 views

what does telecommunication deals with?

what does telecommunication involves

Marisol’s Avatar
Marisol Jul 01 442 views

What options are available out of the classroom in public school?

I am a veteran teacher of 25 years and have a Masters in ESL. I want to broaden my professional career and increase financial opportunities for myself. I’m interested in a Doctorate but I am confused between PhD, EdD and EdS. I would also like to do Speech and Language Pathology or LDTC. I want...

Nasir’s Avatar
Nasir Jun 20 529 views

How can I find the best software Engineering internships around me?

Currently, I have one internship related to agriculture. I was hoping to find another internship that I'm interested in like becoming a software engineer.

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Jun 20 227 views

How do I pursue internships while attending college?

I am planning on being a STEM major in college and want to ensure that I get real-life experience in my field while still attending college. How do I achieve this?

Jaiyn’s Avatar
Jaiyn Jun 15 339 views

How can I be come a professional singer and actress ?

where should I chose to look first?

do I always need and agent?

where can I start acting

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana May 29 169 views

To become a nurse injector, what are the the additional requirements besides being a registered nurse?

I also would like to go esthetician school.

Jorge’s Avatar
Jorge May 27 280 views

process maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing heavy equipment?

Maintenance supervisor of heavy construction equipment

Ace’s Avatar
Ace May 27 352 views

What can I do to start my own fashion brand?

Starting a fashion brand is something I want to learn to start making money from something I already know how to do.

Yary’s Avatar
Yary May 14 555 views

How do I find 3D jobs, the real ones or even just internships?

Where should I be looking for 3D jobs, I want to make sure I am applying to the right places.

Hawa’s Avatar
Hawa May 14 317 views

How can you achieve that career goal?

Willing to be in health care or probably a nurse, but I am still deciding what I want to do in life and trying to make the best of it

Jane’s Avatar
Jane May 12 379 views

best career can i learned and development my skills?

any advice ?

Daisy’s Avatar
Daisy May 11 674 views

what are the emerging trends in the business industry ?

I'm 17 years old , after I graduate I would like to consider myself as a successful business person, therefore I want to know more , get experiences from other people stories before I land there.

jeniah’s Avatar
jeniah Apr 30 231 views

how can I learn a new skill and where do I start ?

I want to learn new things and learn new way to build a resume

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