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Foster City, California

Within 40 mile radius
Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Jan 24 37 views

What is the best way to apply and earn internships for the tech industry?

I have been doing my research and through that, I have learned tech internships in big and upcoming/ startup companies is a great way entry to the industry and gain experience. internship technology...


Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Jan 24 33 views

Would you recommend aerospace engineering?

I've recently had a newfound interest in aerospace engineering; however, I know it's a very challenging field to get into. Is there anything I should be warned about before following this path? Would anyone recommend this field? engineering aerospace-engineering...


Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Oct 06, 2021 183 views

How hard it is to find an entry level job as a fresh engineering graduate?

I'm just wondering about my career path after college and I got a bit worried about this question. job...


stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. yesterday 61 views

Imposter syndrome isn't fun, how do you deal with it?

I'm more than positive that imposter syndrome will follow me for the rest of my life in school, work, etc... and I'm sure it's followed (or following) others also. It sucks, but I believe it can be dealt with in healthy ways, what are some ways you deal with it when it increases or appears...

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Alondra A.’s Avatar
Alondra A. Dec 12, 2021 98 views
Iakov T.’s Avatar
Iakov T. 2 days ago 55 views

What are some good ways to show commitment in college?

What programs/clubs should I look into to show my commitment for job applications in the future? college...


Un Ieng S.’s Avatar
Un Ieng S. Jan 23 49 views

What are some challenges for a business career?

I am considering to do a business career but I am worried about what challenges I could face in the future....


Diana I.’s Avatar
Diana I. Nov 30, 2021 52 views

How do I get started on my film career?

What sites do I research to better understand where I need to get started?...


Iakov T.’s Avatar
Iakov T. 2 days ago 11 views

How do you look for scholarships in tech?

How does one go out and look for scholarships, especially for computer science?...


Calvin Y.’s Avatar
Calvin Y. Jan 24 41 views

Does finding an occupation in the Computer Science field get very challenging at times?

I'm looking into the Computer Science field as a future career and would love some feedback and or opinions. Thank you!...


Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Jan 24 38 views

Does anyone know of any internship/program opportunities in STEM?

I'm currently on the hunt for some easier to get into internship/program opportunities in computer science, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and neuroscience. So far, I have found opportunities, but with low acceptance rates, and I need some back up options to fall back on. The...

aerospace computer-science internship neuroscience science technology engineering engineer

Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Nov 04, 2021 121 views
Ever M.’s Avatar
Ever M. Nov 07, 2021 164 views

What are the biggest challenges when it comes to working with technology for a company? or developing it?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. computer technology...


Un Ieng S.’s Avatar
Un Ieng S. Jan 23 42 views

How to choose a business career?

I only know I am interested in the business field, but there are so many types of jobs in the business field. What should I do to find out the right one for me?...


Billy H.’s Avatar
Billy H. Jan 24 32 views

What kind of engineers are there?

I'm aware that there are different types of engineers but I'm not too familiar with them. What are they?...