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Janka Apr 06 122 views

What are good summer programs in Europe for August September?

I am a student from Germany and i won't have semester break before August. I would love to spend my free time from August- mid October studying more and doing some summer schools or other programs in the are of international relations/politics/diplomacy/.. However all the programs in Europe...

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Janka Apr 06 114 views

Best Universities in the field of International Relations/International Politics?

I am currently graduating in Korean Studies, but i want to do a MA in International Relations/Politics. My goal for the future is to get into the EU or the UN, both of which require a very good degree from a god university. Other than Harvard and LSE (just wayyyy too expensive) what are good...

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Janka Apr 06 142 views

How do i find more people that inspire me and push me to get better in what i want to do?

In my university I can't seem to find many people that have the same burining desire or goals like me. I have big goals for my future, i want to work in the international field in organizations like the UN, but right now I feel a bit stuck and don't seem to find people or mentors that elevate...

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Kason Apr 02 113 views

why is it so hard to become a pilot?

You need so many things from school to become one.

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Max Feb 21, 2021 2042 views

How can I start preparing to become an airline pilot?

I'm in grade 8 and would like to know if there's any way I can start preparing already, and what I should be focusing on. Also, is it possible to switch the airline your working for? (I live in germany but am a british citizen and would like to work for ba). Any tips would be appreciated!!...

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Mei Oct 19, 2020 690 views

Starting career

So I am almost finished with my second degree which is a Computer sciences and Software engineering and before I finished a BBA. I have some work experiences as a backend developer but miss the personal contact with people and was thinking to go into project management/consulting. However I am...

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Austėja Sep 13, 2020 1812 views

I want to be an interior designer, but i’m not good at drawing at all and that scares me. Should i give up this profession? I know that i love creativity and decorating, but i’m really bad at art. I don’t know what professon to choose.

I’m a free thinker, i dislike logic and i love freedom.
# interior designer #arts #career

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D Aug 05, 2020 844 views

How could I boost my CV to become a product manager eventually?

I've always thought of becoming a strategy consultant, though I fear the opportunity has passed. Lately, I have come to know of product management and took on a course with Udacity and loved it. However, I am really not sure how to get into it from where I am at as there do not seem to be entry...

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Adrian Jul 29, 2020 306 views

I am attending a new school as a transfer students. This change and adopting to this new enviornment is not without its growing pains. What are places and things you did to feel home as soon as possible?

incoming college junior #JULY20

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Adrian Jul 29, 2020 260 views

What are some useful tips to adopt to the new hybrid programs a lot of schools now put in place? I prefer in-class schooling and had my struggles with online classes in the past.

incoming college junior #JULY20

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Linh Thuy Jul 29, 2020 549 views

How to obtain better skills for real jobs?

Most recruiters feel that fresh graduates lack necessary skills for the job. So what is your opinion about this?
#entry-level #business #job #job-opportunities #JULY20

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Linh Thuy Jul 29, 2020 571 views

What is the chance of getting a job after graduation during Covid-19?

In this sensitive time, many people had lost their jobs. So people are seeking new ways to provide for themselves. Getting a job is not easy when you are a fresh graduate. So what is the chance of getting a job during Covid-19 after graduation? #Job #jobs #job-search-strategies #job...

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Adrian Jul 13, 2020 628 views

As an international student, the search for outside scholarships can be complicated, since a lot of scholarships are specifically for citizens or have a residency requirement. What is the best way for an international student to find lesser-known scholarships?

Lewis& Clark College, Incoming junior, 3,92 GPA, Psychology & International Affairs, Looking to bridge the gap between institutional aid and remaining tuition ($5000 a year) #scholarship #financial-aid #college

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Ian Apr 05, 2019 540 views

Job entry/internship for late starters

I'm a 27 year old second year undergraduate student. With no related work experience, how's it possible for me to get a #job or #internship in data science, machine learning or related fields (currently in Berlin)?

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Idris Mar 20, 2019 656 views

Which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager (Product Owner) role?

Hey there, Please advise, which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager role? And what is the further carrier path options available for IT Product Manager? What are the key competence required for Product Manager role? Thank you. #IT #ProductManager...

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