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Northfield, Massachusetts

Within 40 mile radius
bella’s Avatar
bella Jan 25 906 views

what is the best collage to go to for being a registered nurse?

im looking to go to collage for nursing.

Braedyn’s Avatar
Braedyn Jan 25 1304 views

How important is having a masters degree for Civil Engineering?

I need advice on whether a masters degree is worth it in civil engineering.

Brionna’s Avatar
Brionna Jan 25 390 views

What are some colleges that someone who wants to study criminal psycology go?

I'm a 10th grade sudent who plans to go to college for criminal psychology but doesn't know what classes or what colleges to go to.

Jupiter’s Avatar
Jupiter Dec 25, 2023 665 views

Is it hard to be a teacher because you get paid kinda bad?

I'm in 11th grade and am in a early childhood education class. I joined not really knowing if I wanted to be a teacher or social worker. Both are still hight on my list but I think I'm learning I want to be a teacher. My worry is that I might not have enough money in the future. So is ot worth...

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Nov 17, 2023 675 views

When it comes to releasing music, what is the best way to gain an audience ?

I have recently released my first album through DistroKid after two years of learning and making music. Though I believe I had done my best in sharing it around on social media, I had only gained 3 listeners on the first track of the album. My goal of going into music as a career path is to...

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Nov 17, 2023 1566 views

whats the best process to becoming a commercial pilot?

I'm going to college for aviation flight, I'm wondering what the best path to becoming a commercial pilot is post graduation

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 17, 2023 270 views

Which schools are best for canine management/ training ?

I visited SUNY Cobleskill and loved their canine management major, and I was wondering if there are other schools that offer a similar program.

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Nov 07, 2023 455 views

How can I find the right job for me when I have so many interest?

I like many things and want to try new things. But at one point I'm going to need to settle. How can I look for a job if i have no clue what I even want?

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Nov 02, 2023 344 views

I am in 8th Grade at a private school in MA

I am in 8th Grade at a private school in MA I would like to know, how is the best way to get into aviation or mechanical (or automotive) engineering? It has been a passion very anything with an engine since I was very young and I always loved hearing and watching these vehicles on the ground or...

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Oct 13, 2023 223 views

I have a question!

Can professionals ask questions on CareerVillage. I know someone that has a quest but he can't ask it because it doesn't give him the option.

Thank You!

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Sep 26, 2023 467 views

What am I doing wrong when trying to get a job?

I've been trying to get a job but business never respond back to me. What am I doing wrong? I've been using LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.


Brody’s Avatar
Brody Sep 24, 2023 248 views

Trying to ask a question as a teacher

How can a teacher ask questions? I'm just wondering because someone I know is a teacher and is frustrated because he can ask any questions! Thank you in advance!

yadira’s Avatar
yadira Sep 07, 2023 322 views

what if i couldn't be able to practice y fashion or what if im not good enough to arviche my dreams?

i'm in 10th grade and i love to make dresses and sketches

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 26, 2023 811 views

There are so many different computer and tech related jobs, how do I know which one I would like and what the difference is?

I was looking for computer and tech related jobs but got lost in how many jobs there were and now i'm really confused on what the difference is in all of them, I want to be a computer software programmer but I cant find much online about it, it always takes me to another job that's similar so...

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jul 11, 2023 878 views

How can I build a solid resume for social media with no formal experience, what should I emphasize?

I'm trying to apply online for these positions, but I feel like my resumé is generic and could cater better to what I'm looking for. What should I emphasize?

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