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Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Within 40 mile radius
Athy’s Avatar
Athy Jan 26 42 views

What strand should I take for senior highschool if I want to be a chef.

I am a grade 9 student studying in the Philippines. I want to make a choice now so that I do not have to worry about it when I became a grade 10 student.

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Jan 22 152 views

What is the right job for me? How could I find a right job at my young age?

I am a grade 9 student who is currently studying and having financial problems at the same time. I would like to find a right job to support my financial expenses especially in school. My hobbies are cleaning, exercising, and cooking.

Chin’s Avatar
Chin Jan 08 151 views

How to be confident on public speaking ?

How to be confident on public speaking?

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 06 223 views

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

How do I tell something about myself and How would I describe it? What makes me unique compared to other interviewee, my strengths and weakness. And others?

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Dec 15, 2022 6197 views

How do you answer the question "tell me about yourself" in an interview?

What aspect of my life should I focus on? And how do I make sure that it is applicable to the company I am interviewing for?

marlo’s Avatar
marlo Nov 06, 2022 271 views

Hi I'm planning to shift course but I only got into a ladderized course (Diploma in Industrial Facilities Technology) and planning to get a BS Customs Ad, Is it possible for me to shift course from Ladderized to BS?

Hi I'm planning to shift course but I only got into a ladderized course (Diploma in Industrial Facilities Technology) and planning to get a BS Customs Ad, Is it possible for me to shift course from Ladderized to BS?

Lloyd john’s Avatar
Lloyd john Aug 20, 2022 264 views

Is there any scholarships in here that I can take?

I just want to finish studying

Hershey Marie’s Avatar
Hershey Marie Aug 16, 2022 204 views

Confuse on what course to take

I don't know what's the best course to take, kindly give me some guidance. I'm interested in medicine but my parents are not well off.

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 27, 2022 529 views

How do I get an internship online in the Philippines?

I'm a grade 10 student and i really want to have experience on interning or maybe just volunteering. It doesn't matter if it's paid or not.

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 26, 2022 280 views

How can a 16 yr. old get a job online?

I can program and make digital art. I just really don't know where to start or how to even apply to a job online

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 26, 2022 302 views

I'm young, dumb, and broke pls help :/

I want to earn money but i want to work at home. I also don't have a bank account. I don't have an adult to ask this kind of stuff about. Anyways, is there any possible way I can earn money at home while not having a bank account? Do I even need a bank account?

Kquevhin’s Avatar
Kquevhin Jan 21, 2022 283 views

Do psych-related jobs in business (e.g. HR, I/O psychology, marketing) require experience in programming and data analysis?

Hello, I would like to know if you need to have experience in computer science to be eligible and be considered for such jobs, especially since it's something I don't really enjoy or have an interest in + it's one of the subjects I have the lowest grade on. If so, I might end up switching to a...

Breezy28’s Avatar
Breezy28 Nov 23, 2021 1941 views

what are the negative side of social media that we are not aware of?

Just a student and wants to keep exploring. #social-media #communications

Jericho’s Avatar
Jericho Nov 07, 2021 444 views

How to become a chef

Simple person #cooking #culinary

Mark Adrian’s Avatar
Mark Adrian Oct 07, 2021 170 views

Why do you think you are suitable for the role you've chosen?

suitable for work in virtual assistant #VirtualaAssistant

Alliyah Pilar’s Avatar
Alliyah Pilar Oct 04, 2021 292 views

what are jobs in marketing?

#job #marketing #career

Joyce’s Avatar
Joyce Oct 02, 2021 538 views

How can I become a Cosmetic Chemist with a BS in Chemical Engineering?

Hello, my planned approach to this is to take a masters degree after my bachelor's and I'm thinking of either doing a MS in Cosmetic Science or a MS in Pharmaceutics with a specialization in Cosmetic Science. Any other recommended master degrees or methods in achieving this role in the cosmetic...

niki’s Avatar
niki Sep 30, 2021 227 views

What would your community and country gain if you establish a busines and become an entrepreneur


JOYCE’s Avatar
JOYCE Aug 29, 2021 292 views

can b.a psychology lead to become a lawyer?

#psychology #college

Sophia Almira’s Avatar
Sophia Almira Aug 29, 2021 405 views

What colleges offer Criminology/Forensic Psychology?

Hi! I'm currently in my first year of college, majoring in BA Psychology. I'm genuinely passionate about my course, but more so on Forensic/Criminal Psychology. However my college doesn't offer this specific class, only BA Psychology as a general course. So for my graduate studies, I want to...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 29, 2021 440 views

Will I be able to take a masters degree even if im just a fresh grad and dont have a license in architecture yet?

#architect #architecture #graduate-school #career

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Aug 19, 2021 389 views

help me to know the processing of engineering

hi im Ryan can u help me to answer this question? #career #engineering

when winter falls’s Avatar
when winter falls Aug 10, 2021 246 views

What should I choose? A good environment, top university but in the countryside and doesn't have the course I wanna pursue or college school in the city and having a scholarship?

What keeps holding my thoughts back is if I choose to study in the countryside but I'm afraid that my city scholarship will remove because in the meantime there's still a covid-19 in my country so the classes are held online. If I choose the university in the countryside, I'm still in the city...

Echelle’s Avatar
Echelle Jul 07, 2021 2328 views

what are the interview questions when you are a flight attendant

how? #interviews #airline-industry #career #job-application #experience

yvette’s Avatar
yvette Jun 29, 2021 390 views

Hi i love making powerpoint presentations, Ms word, Excel what type of job i am suite?

#job #career

Ednalyn’s Avatar
Ednalyn Jun 22, 2021 222 views

What are the various requirements to comply when I am planning to teach abroad such as Japan, Singapore or USA? Currently, I am now an ECE student in the Philippines.

#study-abroad #study-abroad

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jun 04, 2021 299 views

Is it okay to continue a medical course even if you are not passionate about it?

I have been studying Dentistry for 2 years in University now. I know I can finish Dentistry if I persist and carry on. But Dentistry just takes so long, and it exhausts me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I know I can get another job after I finish this degree, I am just having my...

Ridge John’s Avatar
Ridge John May 28, 2021 299 views

Are you looking for someone that can add a great value to your company?

I am a 19 years old #engineering #help First year Nursing Student who wanted to become a successful Doctor someday. I am currently looking for a part-time or full-time job that will somehow help me achieve my dream while gaining experience in a corporate way of working.

J’s Avatar
J May 19, 2021 1664 views

Hi! I'm planning to shift course from Biology to Nursing.My question is, how soon can I shift course?After 1st semester maybe?

College, First year.I am concerned that if I shift I might not graduate the same year as my classmates. #anyone

Tzofiya’s Avatar
Tzofiya May 13, 2021 472 views

Can I get some advice?

Here's the situation: I will be taking an architectural course in college, I'm now in 12th grade but I decided to just finish this school year and I will be taking a break for the next academic year because of personal issues (I am experiencing depression and anxiety attacks. I'm healing and...

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