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Charles A. Feb 05, 2015 873 views

computer course to take

computer science computer engineer or information technology? im not creative nor artistic.. i enjoy hardware and software is ok ok... mathematics is also ok.. just not calculus.. computer science can do the work of an I.T? but i.t. cant do the work of computer science???...


Sammy B.’s Avatar
Sammy B. Jul 30, 2017 917 views

Architecture or Interior Design (or Carpentry)?

i'm not much of an art person but i know that i want to see myself in the future building furniture like sawing and hammering and such. The problem is, i don't know if i have what it takes to design them. My plan is to have architecture as my priority program and my alternative is the interior...

#interior-design #architecture #carpentry #furniture

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Charles A. Feb 08, 2015 864 views

information technology basic

hi i'm planning ti take bachelor of science in information technology.. but i want to start studying since i think i have little knowledge please give me some reference or step by step way to studying thanks!! books.. website... etc anything will really help but please note if i should start...

#computer #information-technology #science

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