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Dreama N. Sep 04, 2018 158 views

How many years of schooling is there to be a veterinarian

Years in order to be a veterinarian...


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asia L. May 14, 2019 89 views
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Jose M. Aug 26, 2018 209 views

What's the best site for scholarships?

I'm a high school Senior and I need as many scholarships as I can because we are in need of financial aid but we are not U.S. Permanent residents yet, so we need as much help as we can. #visa #U.S. #high school #help #high-school-students...


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Ritu G. May 29, 2018 291 views

What makes a good pre-med program?

Pre-med programs are often extremely diverse, and offer courses in a wide variety of studies. Which of these courses best prepare students for the MCAT and for medical schools? What type of courses best suit a student following a path in medicine? #classes #medicine #collegeclasses #career...


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Faustin N. Jun 12, 2019 81 views
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julianna P. Jun 12, 2019 246 views
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Claudia G. Jul 30 95 views

How do I know that majoring in Chemistry is right for me?

When I was a sophomore I took chemistry and I actually really liked it. Now going into my last year of high school I’m taking AP Chemistry and I hope it gives me an idea if Chemistry is the right fit for me. Learning about what chemistry is made me wonder so much about how so many things we...

#majors #career-counseling #chemistry #july20

Ashlie S.’s Avatar
Ashlie S. May 22, 2018 163 views

When in college, does study abroad help in experience for when traveling after college?

I've head many things about study abroad, but don't know if it would actually help when being in college to take these trips for a wildlife biology degree in college...


Alandria  S.’s Avatar
Alandria S. May 22, 2016 388 views

How did you choose what career path was right for you?

I've made a career decision and was wondering if I took the correct steps to get to this point....


Elisabeth H.’s Avatar
Elisabeth H. Aug 24, 2018 232 views

How do you learn to read faster while still comprehending the information?

I have a very heavy reading workload, on top of a busy work and school schedule. How do I get it done faster without compromising my learning? #reading...


Jarrett F.’s Avatar
Jarrett F. Sep 01, 2017 437 views

What are the basic differences between a Computer Science major and a Computer Programming major?

I am interested in majoring in something to do with Computers, whether that be engineering, programming, etc, and I would like to know the basic differences between such majors. #computers...


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anjaenai S. May 31, 2019 119 views

what is a typical day like?

what do you do from clock in to clock out ?...


anjaenai S.’s Avatar
anjaenai S. May 31, 2019 115 views

what are some difficulties?

what are some things that are difficult to do ?...


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Aleisha R. May 05, 2018 265 views

How long does it take to become an expert in the field of legal study?

I am asking this question because everyone keeps asking me how long is it going to take to become a lawyer, and then become an expert in your field of law! I am also wondering because it gets discouraging when I think I might be studying for 10 years, and then not pass the bar exam....


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Brittany S. Jul 18 81 views

How do I choose a psychology graduate track?

I'm a rising college junior majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice. When I was researching graduate schools, I found there are many tracks in the psychology graduate programs that I'm interested in. How do I narrow down a single track? #psychology #graduateschool #college...

#tracks #degree #major #program #professor #student #colleges #mentor #ms #july20 #programs

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Cameron D. Jun 12, 2019 83 views
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Isa L. May 14, 2019 175 views
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keon R. Jun 26, 2019 121 views
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Ethan C. Sep 04, 2018 220 views

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service?

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service? #services...


Claudia G.’s Avatar
Claudia G. Jul 30 64 views

Should I choose a four year career over a 10+ year career?

I have always wanted to be a medical professional but now I’m doubting if I can make it that far. People have told me to choose a career that I can start right away working after college than a career that involves more years of school. I’m determined to help people either way, regardless of...

#medicine #career-options #july20

kayla S.’s Avatar
kayla S. Oct 19, 2016 402 views

Advice on major

What advice would you give a high school senior planning to go into computer science with no prior experience? #computer-science...


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