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ohohoh’s Avatar
ohohoh Aug 09 185 views

What minors are good to combine with a major in biomedical engineering?

Like something that will help me in career getting decent job. which will be helpful overall
Or should I not minor at all??

aakhash’s Avatar
aakhash Mar 20, 2017 763 views

What's the best way to approach clubs in college?

I'm a senior looking to decide how and what kind of clubs, I want to approach and join next year. #college #college-bound #extracurriculars #college-recruiting #student-clubs

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jan 15, 2018 483 views

Apps for Studying

I am majoring in Information Technology. I am wondering if there are any apps that are useful for delegating study time or for possibly saving notes for later, in order to better manage my time. #technology #onlineeducation

Shane’s Avatar
Shane May 14, 2019 559 views

Can I Get Into The Culinary Arts If I Test At A 9th Grade Level?

#chef #chef #culinary #culinary-arts #food #cooking

Alexas’s Avatar
Alexas Oct 10, 2018 313 views

How do I job shadow a Therapist if there are the privacy things?

So my teacher sent out an assignment where we all have to job shaddow the career that we scored highest on in this group of surveys; I scored highest in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Psycology. I can't job shaddow any of those (that I know of) because of the deal that the therapist makes,...

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Apr 09, 2018 435 views

Would it be better to go after a high paying career that is difficult to be accepted in to, or go after a career that is easy to be accepted in to, but with bad pay

I am stuck between majors. I want to major in the psychology field and them go into criminal profiling, but I also want to major in art education in secondary schools. The criminal profiling field pays extremely well in most states, but selection for the training and actual job is difficult to...

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 26, 2016 771 views

What are some good jobs for people with Agribusiness degrees?

I am getting a degree in Agribusiness and would like to know what types of jobs are out there for me. #agriculture #agricultural-business #business

Cami’s Avatar
Cami Jan 16, 2018 467 views

How do I pay for college if I'm not the best?

I'm an average high school senior, and I only do colorguard, so how do I get good scholarships to pay for college?
#scholarships #financial-aid #college #college-tuition

Mei Wei’s Avatar
Mei Wei Jan 16, 2018 463 views

If I were to join the military for tuition assistance as an Asian female going for a Pharmacy degree, which branch would be more suited for me?

I've been thinking about joining the military for tuition assistance, since my scholarship will expire after next year but my degree is 6yrs. I've heard a lot about the hurdles that women have to overcome in the military, primarily sexual harassment, and I wanted to know if I joined which would...

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 06, 2018 690 views

What level of involvement do employers look for on resumes?

I am involved with a club that I will be taking a leadership role after my first year of involvement, but I feel like I need to be joining more clubs. How many different things should I be involved with to get hired? #resume-writing

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Jul 17, 2019 422 views

What are creatives careers that help people?

#writing #design #creative #purpose #creative-writing #art

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Apr 10, 2020 503 views

What is the most important quality you look for in a potential employee?

#college #recentlygraduated #jobsearch #communicationstudies

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Mar 10 313 views

What does a day in the life of a medical coder look like? What requirements need to be done prior to applying for jobs?

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Global Health. I am looking to get into medical coding, as a first step in my career. I am very lost in this field, as it seems hard to find information. What does a day in the life of a medical coder look like? What requirements need to be...

Breauna’s Avatar
Breauna Aug 12, 2018 261 views

I'm looking high and low for scholarships. Any advice?

I want to score a scholarship of $20,000 so I can stop searching and focus on my upcoming classes. #scholarships

summer’s Avatar
summer Jun 12, 2019 347 views

is it hard

#rn #nursing

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Apr 04, 2019 385 views

What is a typical day like as a welder?

What is a typical day like as a welder?

#welder #welding #metalwork #metal

Damon’s Avatar
Damon May 20, 2019 260 views

What is the average pay for heavy equipment mechanics in Florida?

#heavy equipment

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 13, 2016 759 views

What sort of classes are involved in a Math Major?

Math is something that I enjoy doing and am very good at, and I would like to pursue it as my major in preparation for medical school. I feel that it would increase my critical thinking skills and my problem-solving skills. However, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of classes I...

summer’s Avatar
summer Jun 12, 2019 502 views

is it boring


eliza’s Avatar
eliza Dec 18, 2021 276 views

Would i be able to report my issues on facebook customer service talk?

Indeed, facebooks permit its clients to report their issues utilizing different ways. You can report your issue to Facebook by tapping on "report issue" in your facebook account. facebook customer service is accessible day in and day out to help clients in detailing and settling their issues....

Michael’s Avatar
Michael May 14, 2019 399 views

What are employers looking for when i come into the welding field?

#business #jobsearch #welding #welder #metal #metalworks

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Apr 04, 2019 386 views

What is the current job outlook for welding?

What is the current job outlook for welding?
#welding #welder #metal #metalwork

julianna’s Avatar
julianna Jun 12, 2019 762 views

any advice for women going into a male dominated field of work?

#work #women #professional

Mr’s Avatar
Mr Jun 26, 2019 351 views

What are some good jewelry business?


Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Jan 23, 2018 1146 views

What is the best way to prepare for a job interview?

I would like to start practicing now so after college I'll be a pro and can hopefully land a great job #jobinterviews

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 21, 2018 637 views

Which degree is more advantageous for a copy editor?

#editor #writer #writing #editing #journalism #major #college

Rabekka’s Avatar
Rabekka May 22, 2018 458 views

Does it help or hurt to take out student loans?

I am afraid that I will not have enough to pay for college and may have to take out student loans, but i often hear adults talk about the stress of student loans and how long they take to pay off. Should I take as many student loans as i need and worry about paying them off later, or be...

Jarrett’s Avatar
Jarrett Sep 01, 2017 1046 views

What are the basic differences between a Computer Science major and a Computer Programming major?

I am interested in majoring in something to do with Computers, whether that be engineering, programming, etc, and I would like to know the basic differences between such majors. #computers #computer-science

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Oct 24, 2016 589 views

Would it be smarter to get my associates degree in nursing and find a job from there, or should I go the extra two years and get my bachelors?

I'm just unsure of what to do. #nurse #bachelors-degree #associates-degree #undecided

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Apr 10, 2020 570 views

Do you have any job searching advice on how to successfully find a career?

#jobsearch #communicationstudies #collegegrad #career #career-counseling #career-path

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