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Texarkana, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
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Rihanna Apr 04 495 views

What should I be most ready about college?

I’m trying to be a Accountant.

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Rihanna Apr 04 543 views

What about being a Finance Accountant difficult?

I’m 15 in the 9th grade, and I’m worried about being an financial accountant.

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Rihanna Apr 04 513 views

What is the worst thing about Financial Accounting ?

I’m in the 9th grade.

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Anam Mar 15 735 views

What is time management ?

How to save time?

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Austin Aug 28, 2023 607 views

What is the career path of a Gunsmith for an 18 year old?

How would you get into a career of gunsmithing right out of high school If the required age to get a FFL and GS Certification is 21?

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Brooklyn Jul 02, 2023 1077 views

How much demand is there for a lawyer?

I have been thinking about career options lately and one job that i have been interested in is a lawyer (specifically criminal defense but im not sure yet), but I have been told that there is not much demand for lawyers and that it could be difficult to find a well paying job in my area.

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Cody Apr 13, 2023 385 views

How do I get a better Job?

I am Trying to find a better job than McDonald's and would like some advice on gaining the upper hand in my life.

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Austin Dec 09, 2022 407 views

Does anybody know anyone/are themselves or once were an Army Firefighter (MOS12M) or Carpentry Specialist (MOS12W)?

These MOS Stand out most to me although information on them is scarce. Wondering if could get any more information, especially in detail as I am struggling to find anyone who has done these and can truly tell me what it is like. Thanks for any information! #EOY22 #Army #National Guard...

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Austin Jan 04, 2022 501 views

Any programs/shadowing opportunities for a Minor in Harris County, TX?

Fire, Rescue, EMS, Parks, Conservation, Law enforcement.

#Fire #EMS #TPWD # #police #police-officer #conservation #wildlife

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Austin Jan 03, 2022 739 views

Junior Firefighter Programs

What can I do to get myself into one? What should I expect? Requirements? Fees?

#EMS #Firefighter #Firefighting #Firefighters #Youth #career

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Anna Jan 30, 2020 546 views

What type of job is good for me?

I like blood math fixing things making other people better and solving problems but I hate throw up and bugs #math #career

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Anna Jan 30, 2020 929 views

What is it like to be a Lawyer?

I have been wondering since I was five?
#law #criminal-justice #lawyer

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mia May 13, 2019 786 views

what type of minor does a photographer need to take


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Christen Jul 19, 2018 629 views

Is it possible to go back to school when I'm already in debt?

I'm going back to school. The problem is, I already hold a bachelor's degree that's only good for working in a dying industry that no longer pays what it once did, and it's difficult to get #financialaid when you've already graduated once. I'm applying for every scholarship I'm eligible for. Is...

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Christen Jul 19, 2018 580 views

Ultrasound and Vascular Techs: What do you wish someone had told you before you chose sonography?

I've been looking for a #medicine #career that fits me and will help provide for my family's future. So far, all I've read from #sonographers seemed like statements given specifically for marketing purposes or the rantings of someone who wouldn't be happy in any job. I need some pearls of...

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