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Arianna M.’s Avatar
Arianna M. Apr 07 48 views

What degree plan should I go for to become a Forensic Psychologist.

The on campus schools that I want to go to don't have a Forensic Psychologist degree and neither do any of the other schools I have looked up. I was wonder is there anyway that I could go get a degree plan for this career. #career #future #college #career-plan...


Cesar V.’s Avatar
Cesar V. Nov 16, 2017 479 views

How can I become a successful welder with low-income family?

#welding:I took a survey and it turned that I like Architecture and my dad told me to be a welder and in that category, welding fell in to my interest and with other career clusters. #manufacturing...


Samantha H.’s Avatar
Samantha H. May 22, 2016 498 views

Did you ever doubt your ability to become a doctor?

I've always dreamed of being a doctor, I have been working towards this goal for many years now. But, now that I am getting closer to the goal, it feels like it is slipping farther and farther away. So, I was just wondering, have there been similar doubts in the minds of current doctors? If so,...

#doctor #medicine #confidence #doubt #physician

Moises G.’s Avatar
Moises G. Nov 16, 2017 501 views
Shelby T.’s Avatar
Shelby T. May 31, 2018 433 views

What degree would be more beneficial to me? Construction science or construction management?

I am female, interested in a career in the construction industry and looking to attend either Texas A&M or University of Texas at Tyler. I believe I am more interested in residential building than the industrial aspects. Which degree would be more beneficial to me? #construction...


Dominick F.’s Avatar
Dominick F. Nov 16, 2017 504 views

I'm in 8th grade and curious about joining the military. What advice could someone offer me?

I would like to pursue a career in the military, but I'm needing to get some advice. #military #military-service #army #navy...


Isaiah S.’s Avatar
Isaiah S. Nov 16, 2017 507 views
Javier C.’s Avatar
Javier C. Jan 05, 2019 104 views

How can I figure out what career path is best for me?

Im 25, I have been doing Substation Construction work for the past 4 years. I make great money but deep down I know this is not what I want to...

Marisela S.’s Avatar
Marisela S. Nov 16, 2017 733 views
Delaney L.’s Avatar
Delaney L. Aug 21, 2018 263 views

How does nursing affect you if you want to have a family later on in life?

Does nursing have a flexible schedule? Would I be able to manage both this career while also having a family?...


Delaney L.’s Avatar
Delaney L. Aug 21, 2018 179 views

What would be some advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse?

I really have my heart set on nursing mostly because I enjoy helping others, but I am curious to know more about this career path....


Francisco U.’s Avatar
Francisco U. Nov 16, 2017 558 views

Is keeping up with work difficult???

i want to know so I can be ready for whatever work I get #lawyer #career #career-counseling #work...


Shelby T.’s Avatar
Shelby T. May 31, 2018 300 views

What is the difference between a degree in construction management and construction science?

I am female. Looking at Texas A&M - College Station and University of Texas at Tyler....


joseph V.’s Avatar
joseph V. Nov 16, 2017 486 views

How do I become a police officer when I grow up

My whole I've been dreaming of being a police officer. What do I need to do to be one. How many years does it take to train and become a police officer. #police-and-law-enforcement #law-enforcement...


Samantha H.’s Avatar
Samantha H. May 22, 2016 646 views

In the opinion of many adult professionals, would you say the cost of college is worth the reward?

College has always been a given in my life. It wasn't a question on whether or not I was going, because everyone knew I was. Now that it's becoming a reality, and college is just around the corner, the cost of college is scaring me. No one in my family has ever been to college, so I just wanted...

#college-graduate #money #professional #scholarships #college

Alexander T.’s Avatar
Alexander T. Nov 16, 2017 427 views
Elideth S.’s Avatar
Elideth S. Nov 17, 2017 369 views
emmanuelle O.’s Avatar
emmanuelle O. May 24, 2016 448 views

what career could be right for me?

Hi, I am almost bilingual French (made in France) /English. I am pursuing a degree in early childhood education, and hope to be working in immersion programs. I would like to know which requirements I need for this career. #education #foreign-languages...


Tristan N.’s Avatar
Tristan N. Nov 16, 2017 442 views

What does a fine arts technician do on a daily basis?

What are the best school in or close to Texas, centered around fine arts and technology? #fine-art...


Mallory T.’s Avatar
Mallory T. Nov 16, 2017 719 views
Karley H.’s Avatar
Karley H. Nov 16, 2017 475 views

How does the film industry work?

What advice would you give a student trying to become a film producer/editor?? #film #technology...


Stephone  W.’s Avatar
Stephone W. Nov 16, 2017 423 views
Dominique N.’s Avatar
Dominique N. May 13, 2016 489 views

How can I find the best roommate for me

I'm going to a completely new state and I know no one I just want to find someone who I can click with...


Eriana F.’s Avatar
Eriana F. Nov 03, 2015 717 views

how do you become an cosmetologist ?

how do you become an cosmetologist ?...


Eriana F.’s Avatar
Eriana F. Nov 03, 2015 644 views

Could i major in Cosmetology ?

i want to know if i could major in being an hairstylist ?...


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