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Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Apr 25 320 views

As a senior in high school, what should be my first step this summer if i'm trying to be a biomedical scientest or engineer? #Spring24?

Steps for college major

MK’s Avatar
MK Apr 21 510 views

Family nurse practitioners, what is your salary and what state are you from?

Family nurse practitioners, what is your salary and what state are you from?

I am thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner and want to know salaries. thanks!

Son’s Avatar
Son Apr 21 238 views

what is the best tools and source to learn java ?

i want to learn programming

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Apr 17 423 views

How can I start a passion project of the medical field I want to peruse?

I am a freshman and I want to start creating a passion project, but i don't know how? I have an idea: Crafting Health Toolkit Initiative Project Concept: Develop a comprehensive toolkit that includes physical items made through crochet and arts & crafts, and digital resources for children's...

malovi’s Avatar
malovi Apr 17 380 views

how to be more creative?

reading more books

denis’s Avatar
denis Apr 17 290 views

how to be an active listener in school?

asking more questions

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Apr 16 772 views

Why do I suck at basketball even though I train and practice hard everyday?

I have been playing basketball and other sports since I was very young and I have been very bad even though I put a lot of time and effort into the sport.

Kat’s Avatar
Kat Apr 15 295 views

What programs intersect with ecology, marine biology, neuroscience, and public health?

Hi! I'm researching graduate programs and am looking to focus on ecology, neuroscience, and public health. I would love, for example, to study the brain of a specific animal and translate the findings into implications for public health and climate change. My bachelor's is in public health and...

Noor’s Avatar
Noor Apr 12 315 views

No passion for what I'm studying and just want to graduate?

I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech and have been on the neuroscience track for the past 2 years and was set on pre-med. I've taken the intro science courses and have been struggling with motivation and passion for the subjects. I had to resign this semester due to overloading my...

emi’s Avatar
emi Apr 12 296 views

what high schools can you learn psychology in

what high schools can i learn phychologhy in

Auwal’s Avatar
Auwal Apr 11 216 views

How to get a perfect job that match my career?

I need to get a perfect job that match my career in the near future

roger’s Avatar
roger Apr 11 334 views

what is the biggestb issues with cyber security?

cyber tips

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Apr 07 303 views

Is the IB Diploma worth it? Any benefits?

After surfing the internet, I've heard mixed opinions about the IB diploma and its worth. I was wondering if It is worth going into IB and if it has any benefits.

The’s Avatar
The Apr 05 405 views

How do you choose a career you will love?

I’m a 9th grader and am having trouble thinking about what career to choose, my parents kept telling me to start thinking about it but I don’t know. They are all in the medical field and want me to do the same as it is a respected job and it makes a lot of money. But I do not know if I want to...

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Apr 01 570 views

How to become a Ultrasound Technician ?

Hello I have another question so my Plan B is to become a Ultrasound Technician some people said I can go to trade school. Please can someone tell me the step by step things I need and like step by step on how to become a ultrasound Tech. (

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