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Michael C. Jan 16, 2018 334 views

How to transition from one field to another after completing an online degree? Is my online degree as valuable as a physical university's degree?#onlinedegree

I am studying online and not working in this field yet, and want to know how to transition to a job in my new field, and I am concerned that my online degree will not be as valuable as other universities.#online-education #education #higher-education...


Alexandra H.’s Avatar
Alexandra H. Sep 17, 2018 156 views

How hard is it to manage chronic illness in college?

Hi! I have Autism, ADHD, Depression/Anxiety, chronic pain, artificial #college #education #career #school lenses in my eyes and several other health issues. I'm wondering how hard it is to manage a college workload with these...

Trayvon S.’s Avatar
Trayvon S. Aug 16, 2018 199 views
Tony C.’s Avatar
Tony C. May 22, 2015 941 views

What personal qualities, tools, knowledge areas does a real estate developer need to excel at to become successful?

I am exploring career options right now for my eventual separation from the military. Real Estate as an idea has always been a part of my life as my father and mother run a boutique architecture firm in NYC and their chatter and discussions were a normal part of dinner. I never seriously...

#real-estate-development #real-estate #finance #construction #architect #engineering

James H.’s Avatar
James H. May 18, 2016 1823 views

Are there any loan forgiveness programs for chiropractic students?

I'll be attending chiropractic school soon, and didn't see any loan forgiveness programs for chiropractic. #financial-aid #student-loans #debt #healthcare-industry #health-policy #chiropractic...


Trayvon S.’s Avatar
Trayvon S. Aug 16, 2018 287 views
Rebecca M.’s Avatar
Rebecca M. Oct 08, 2018 234 views

What are some resources you wish you had known about when you first started college?

I am about to begin college, and I want to be prepared. Are there any resources for film related studies that you wished you knew about sooner? #film #firstyear #freshman #videoproduction #filmproduction #videoediting...


Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 16, 2018 276 views

What is the likelihood of working full-time from home as a tax accountant? Should I pursue managerial accounting instead?

I am trying to decide my specialization in accounting to determine the best route to be able to work from home and spend time with my family#accounting #accountant #family...

Rebecca M.’s Avatar
Rebecca M. Oct 08, 2018 197 views

What would be a good language course for students studying Mass Communications / Video Production?

I need to take at least two language courses for my major. I plan on doing camera work as well as video editing after college. What would be a good language course for this major? #videoproduction #language #videostudies #firstyear #masscommunications #communications...


Alexandra H.’s Avatar
Alexandra H. Sep 17, 2018 295 views

How hard is it to double major in Education and Psychology?

I know this is obviously specific to the school but I've been looking at my options for a major and I really feel like doing education and psychology is the best idea for my career plans so I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experience doing this. #psychology #college #education...

#college-major #clinical-psychology

Tonni W.’s Avatar
Tonni W. Jul 31, 2018 225 views

What are good retirement plans I should know about when I apply for a job in my career?

401K plans, retirement plans that actually increase and bulid as you stay with a company, #career #job #career-counseling...


Keiana K.’s Avatar
Keiana K. Jan 21, 2018 255 views

What colleges have both business and cosmetology majors?

I want to own my own business dealing with hair and nails. Just basically all beauty. #cosmetology-...


Tonni W.’s Avatar
Tonni W. Jul 31, 2018 221 views

Are there success jobs that includes selling art and viewing them?

Art historians, I want to i #arts #art #fine-art nclude my passion with my career as an...

Sarah A.’s Avatar
Sarah A. Sep 01, 2017 545 views

Is becoming a Physician Assistant a wise career choice?

I would like to know this because I am very interested in become a PA but want a little more information about how to become a PA from current Physicians Assistants. I job shadowed a PA this past summer and enjoy what the job entails, but still want more information. #medicine #pa...

#hospital-and-health-care #physicianassistant #healthcare

Nathaniel T.’s Avatar
Nathaniel T. Jan 21, 2018 296 views

What should I prepare for when going into nursing school?

I will be going into the field of nursing soon and I want to know anything that might come up that would be unexpected or not well known about the nursing field....


Nathaniel T.’s Avatar
Nathaniel T. Jan 21, 2018 228 views

What are the best study habits for college students?

I will be heading into college next fall and, like anyone else, am nervous about it. I was wondering what would be the best way to prepare myself for hitting the books the next level?...


Kedric G.’s Avatar
Kedric G. May 16, 2016 600 views

I have a Business Degree and wondering if I should get my Master's in Business as well?

Just want to know what is the benefits and disadvantages in getting a master degree in the same field that I have my bachelor degree in. I have a bachelor degree with a focus in management. #business #technology...


Shelby S.’s Avatar
Shelby S. May 13, 2016 449 views

What are the benifits of being honors at a private college?

I have applied and am waiting for acceptance into the honors program at my college and would like to know how the academics might differ. #honor #college #college-admissions #career...


James H.’s Avatar
James H. May 18, 2016 768 views

Is it better to start your own chiropractic practice or to join one after chiropractic school?

I am asking this question because I'm looking forward to attending chiropractic school at Life University soon as I have been accepted there. #business #doctor #finance #doctorate-degree #student-loans #startups #money-management #debt #healthcare-it...


Shelby S.’s Avatar
Shelby S. May 13, 2016 620 views

Is a major in Political Sciences just as good as a major in Criminal Justice for a Pre-Law path?

I have participated in Law and Public Safety classes for the past three years at my high school and plan to become a criminal prosecution attorney #law...


Raven P.’s Avatar
Raven P. Oct 19, 2016 765 views

What are some benefits of Architecture over Interior Design?

I have been struggling with choosing my major before college. Ive been planning on becoming an architect, but I also have the idea of interior design in my head and would love some advice. #interior-design #interior #interior-architecture...


Katelyn P.’s Avatar
Katelyn P. Mar 13, 2016 867 views

What are some good schools should I look forward to in becoming a lawyer or working into the goverment?

HI,I'im only an 8th grader and when i had my IGP my teacher told me about this, so I was wondering if someone could help me out #law #law-school...


Tony C.’s Avatar
Tony C. Nov 19, 2014 1485 views

Time to goal: How long does it normally take to acquire A: an entry level banking job, then B: A mid-level managerial role?

I am in the process of finishing up my enlistment in the Air Force and am looking to jump into the area of investment banking and finance/fintech. I have always been fascinated by the two. Ideally: How much time should I alot to reach goal A, then goal B. I do not have a background in...

#military #banking #finance

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