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Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
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Lwandle’s Avatar
Lwandle May 21, 2021 385 views

What is a career?

I am a person that sets goals in life. #career-choice #career-choice

muhqmed’s Avatar
muhqmed May 23, 2021 705 views

how do you decide what job to do as a kid in the future life?

#job for 🏆🎯

Beth’s Avatar
Beth May 21, 2021 740 views

What interests you about Psychology?

#Opinion #Psychology

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 20, 2021 412 views

What are some things a dancer should eat ?

I want to go on a diet ! #healthy

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 593 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. #career-counseling #math

Rue’s Avatar
Rue May 16, 2021 652 views

Can l practice now to be a singer if l want to be a musician in the future?

I am a young mom. Love music and wish to pursue a career in music. Although l have hope that one day l will increase my studies since l am drop out due to being a mom at a young age #musician #singing #Music -industry

Ashish’s Avatar
Ashish May 15, 2021 454 views

What courses can I do after my 10th?

Just wanted to know what courses I can do after the 10th. Also, i was thinking about doing CFA, so which would be the best combination along I can do B. COM

sienna’s Avatar
sienna May 14, 2021 379 views

i dont know what i want to b

i like sports like soccer dance lacross ski and running #sports-medicine

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna May 05, 2021 601 views

What should I expect when taking college classes

I am currently a senior about to entertain college. I would like to know how it is taking major classes. #dentist #college #double-major

Damen’s Avatar
Damen Sep 16, 2020 830 views

How can a poor family possibly afford collage

I'm a 17 year old poor Caucasian male who comes from a poor family. I'm trying to go to college but I didn't start think about it till this summer and don't really have the money for it. #College #broke #poor #help #Computerscience

angel’s Avatar
angel Mar 19, 2021 1204 views

what are the benefits of going or not going to college?

I'm in 9th grade. I'm asking this question to see if college is helpful


paul’s Avatar
paul May 11, 2021 984 views

should i invest in myself at 18 or wait till i turn 21?

#investment-banking #financial-services #finance #investment-management #investing

Yolanda’s Avatar
Yolanda Mar 21, 2018 724 views

If my strengths are creative thinking and my hobbies are drawing, what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

Im not sure what #career I would like to have.

Navya’s Avatar
Navya May 08, 2021 2494 views

How to know which career is best for me? Is career test really help full


adrian’s Avatar
adrian May 05, 2021 472 views

Whats the first thing im going to do in the army?

#marine-biology #marine-biology