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West Valley City, Utah

Within 40 mile radius
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sammy Apr 06 177 views

what to do after finishing high school?

work hard to get good grades

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Tom Apr 05 152 views

if i learn programming , and work as freelancer is good and better than other work ? ?

if i learn programming , and work as freelancer is good and better than other work ? ?

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Charly Mar 31 383 views

What colleges/universities should I apply to?

Hi, I'm a high school junior who's trying to figure out which colleges to apply to in August. I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I want to go out of state for college and to one that's known for its engineering program. The problem is money. I'm interested in the University of Florida...

Charly’s Avatar
Charly Mar 31 252 views

How does one (a high school student) gain real-life experience in the engineering field?

Hi, I'm a high school junior who wants a real-life experience/job/internship in the engineering field to help me understand the career more. How do I find opportunities?

Skyllar’s Avatar
Skyllar Mar 15 328 views

How should I go about obtaining my Hearing Aid Dispenser certification in Utah?

I'm 25 years old and have my Highschool Diploma but no college. I would really like to become a Hearing Aid Dispenser but I'm having a hard time finding where I can get the education. I would really like some insight on where to start and what the career path looks like going forward. I'm not...

sam’s Avatar
sam Feb 28 198 views

What encourages you to do your same job all the time?

I feel like jobs can be very monotonous, so I am just curious what makes this not true for some people.

Jay’s Avatar
Jay Feb 24 550 views

What is the best degree?

I'm thinking of the best degree to major in college, i'm currently in 12th grade

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Feb 19 576 views

How do I learn to become of mechanical engineer?

I am 14 years old, in middle school, and really into mechanical engineering. I am a really good problem solver, and I believe that I am able to think like an engineer. I think my one problem is a lack of knowledge. I want to learn more of engineering tools, and techniques, especially with...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Feb 10 270 views

can i develop my learning skills on youtube?

can i develop my learning skills on youtube?

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Jan 08 656 views

What is a labor and delivery nurse?

Do labor and delivery nurses have to deal
With bad smells

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Olivia Jan 05 295 views

How should I improve acting/vocals for school musicals/plays?

I'm a middle/high school student who's interested in participating in plays and musicals for my school. I've only been in two in the past and have gotten side/background characters and a narrator. I don't have much experience in acting and I am a self-taught singer. What are some good ways to...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Nov 08, 2023 588 views

Why is school so long?

question writing tips

Marii’s Avatar
Marii Oct 30, 2023 545 views

What would be a class that would be crucial for me to take if I want to become a teacher, interior designer, or a clothes desginer I want to be ready!

Question writing tips…

C’s Avatar
C Oct 24, 2023 359 views

What are some steps I can take right now in middle school to better my college and highschool education

I’m and 8th grader at a small Charter School in Utah. Everyone is constantly telling me that I need to start preparing myself for the future so I can be ahead, and I want to I just don’t know how.

Charli’s Avatar
Charli Oct 24, 2023 272 views

What are some steps I can take right now in middle school to better my highschool and college education?

Im an 8th grader, people are always talking me to prepare for my future, but I just don’t see how. I can’t get a job in my local area or find any helpful programs. Any one got some advice I could borrow?

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