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Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 27, 2023 482 views

What is a career path that can allow me to fulfill my passions of design/art and sustainability/helping people?

I have decided to switch universities as I was not happy. I realized I really enjoy helping others and inspiring people to be more sustainable. I have always cared about the environment and animals. I would love to find a career that also allows me to be creative or somehow includes art and...

saskia’s Avatar
saskia Jun 03, 2023 328 views

what do I need to do to be better at art?

somethings I need to do is keep practicing and just work hard.

Phuong’s Avatar
Phuong Mar 17, 2023 321 views

How do get started in UX/UI Design?

I am interested about UX/UI design, but can’t seem to some good resources to kickstart my learning journey in this field. I am specifically interested in the designing aspect of UX/UI design.

Qinglin’s Avatar
Qinglin Mar 15, 2023 380 views

What are your major motivations helping us out on this platform?

I have asked some questions at career village and the answers I got were extremely helpful and supportive as well. I am very grateful for the help from all the people who answered my questions. I am really curious about what prompts you to help us out in this way, and why you choose to help us...

Calista’s Avatar
Calista Mar 06, 2023 286 views

What does college even do for you?

what does college even do for you?

Cera’s Avatar
Cera Mar 06, 2023 471 views

Should I take classes that I enjoy or ones that will help me in the future?

At my school, we can take special classes out of the school, like nursing prep, horticulture, culinary, etc. that I'm interested in. I'm torn between multiple though, Culinary, Horticulture, Agriculture, and Educational Careers. Would it be smarter to take the class that will be more beneficial...

Hibah’s Avatar
Hibah Mar 04, 2023 252 views

How do you know about your personal choices?

How are things working and how do you know your job is not just something you do that you don't enjoy? Is there a way where you can find what type of job you want to pursue?

Isabela’s Avatar
Isabela Mar 05, 2023 365 views

How to find a career you like??

I'm currently stuck in this rut of being in a job I don't like, but I do t know how to find one I lik.

mia’s Avatar
mia Feb 18, 2023 4096 views

Any careers that have psychology and computer science?

Is there any careers that are related Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm interested in both psychology and computer science.

Shiying’s Avatar
Shiying Jan 31, 2023 246 views

What if I want to change my career path in a sudden?

What should I think of before changing my mind if I want to change the pathway after realizing that this path doesn't suit me?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 30, 2023 365 views

How do I know what career path is suited for me?

not sure what to major in either

Randy’s Avatar
Randy Jan 30, 2023 279 views

What internship would be helpful if I want to study computer science in college?

I'm currently a junior in high school and researching possible internships.

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Jan 30, 2023 294 views

What internships are available for software engineering?

I am currently in high school.

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Nov 10, 2022 273 views

How do you know that a career will fit your interests?

I am interested in computer programing and engineering but I am not sure how to find a career that uses both, or what steps I should take to pursue it. Should I study engineering or computer science? How do I know which skills will be used the most in a career?

Aishat’s Avatar
Aishat Dec 09, 2022 323 views

What can I do to figure out my career?

#EOY22 how do I figure out what career I should pursue? Because I have been trying to figure it out for some months now