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I want to work in a company that's related to the computer science fields. I hope that I could declare a major before knowing what field to go after I graduated from college



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Shiying May 12, 2023 583 views

With a Technology and Information Management (B.S.) degree, what kinds of job option is there?

I'm an upcoming freshman college student and debating if I should change my major into game design or to stay with technology and information management because I'm not sure what job choices there is for jobs.

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Shiying Jan 31, 2023 397 views

What if I want to change my career path in a sudden?

What should I think of before changing my mind if I want to change the pathway after realizing that this path doesn't suit me?

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Shiying Oct 26, 2022 569 views

What job options are there in the Computer Science field?

I'm currently choosing a major for college and was thinking about Computer Science. But there's a point that I don't know what kinds of positions are there and what do they do daily for Computer Science field that isn't that complicated.

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Shiying Sep 27, 2022 612 views

what college is better for computer science major?

like which school and isn't that hard to get in with a ~3.9 gpa?