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Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Jan 16, 2023 538 views

Do art careers require the need of advance science and math course ?

I really want to work in the animation or art industry in general. I’ve taken a lot of advance placement courses and don’t know withered they are worth taking. I maintain all A’s in my classes so is it better just to take normal courses.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 06, 2023 803 views

What if you want to switch careers after you've already started college? How about if you've already started working in the field?

This is part of our professionals series

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 496 views

What is the best route to start in the carpentry industry?

im a san jose jon corps student currently about to start my carpentry trade

Hillary’s Avatar
Hillary Dec 31, 2022 575 views

What are the rules for finding a job in the USA?

Just need a job but am outside your country how will you help me

jaquan’s Avatar
jaquan Nov 02, 2022 700 views

what how when what

how is college and the classrooms or the teachers that is going to be working with us

in the rooms how many credits do we get when we finish the process

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Dec 13, 2022 479 views

What job should I take that will make me rich and will also give me some free time.

I would like to be a psychiatrist, a novelist, a vet, a surgeon, or a travel nurse. I want to make sure I have a nice income that will help me out with bills and such. I also would like to have time to travel as well. I want to be able to buy me and my dog some nice items and maintain a nice...

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed Dec 09, 2022 560 views

What job should I attempt to go for as a new Cybersecurity student?

Hi I'm new at UTS, and really would like to start of with a few jobs related within the Cybersecurity field. Any recommendations for someone who hasn't worked much in their lives would be much appreciated 🙂.

Alabama’s Avatar
Alabama Oct 27, 2022 575 views

What should I plan to major in if I want to go into dentistry (most likely Dental hygienist) ?

What should I plan to major in if I want to go into dentistry (most likely Dental hygienist) ?
I'm not sure if I 100% want to do dentistry yet, would you recommend pre-med?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Nov 01, 2022 473 views

What is the best college?

What is the best college to go to?

Demarrion’s Avatar
Demarrion Nov 03, 2022 560 views

Painting careers?

What are some steps I can do to become a painter?

Korie’s Avatar
Korie Nov 14, 2022 387 views

Where do I go to find the kind of jobs I would like?

I am in the CYSC program and I would like to have more information on where I should look when I am applying for new jobs. What search engines do you use?

Keerthana’s Avatar
Keerthana Jul 01, 2016 793 views

· Where can I find more information about this career (i.e., Associations, on-line)?

for my career #doctor #engineer #teacher #teacher-training

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Nov 02, 2022 621 views

What can I do to improve my To Do List on my profile to achieve my ultimate goal?

I choose Stone Masonry as a job for a stepping stone towards becoming a Municipal FireFighter, Because Stone Masonry is a very physically demanding job, and as you know passing fire school and maintaining your career as a FireFighter will be in need of physical strength. What are some things...

Merlina’s Avatar
Merlina Nov 15, 2022 421 views

What is the best way to manage my time in high school ?

My name is Merlina and I'm in high school.

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Nov 08, 2022 570 views

How many extracurriculars should I be involved in for my college applications?

Is there an amount that is too much or an amount that is too low? Please let me know.