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Haarun Sep 17 118 views

What is the difference between Cyber Security and Information Technology?

I’m a high schooler that likes computers and I don’t know which major to go into. You can look at the Eastern Michigan University catalog for reference to those majors because I plan to go there.

Sakura’s Avatar
Sakura Jul 03 166 views

What do I do as a high school student to help me get started on my path to working as a computer scientist one day?

I'm a high school student who would like to get advice for the future!

kimora’s Avatar
kimora Jun 11 217 views

What a good college for computer science to become a software engineer or software developer ?

In the southeast of the USA

Lucion’s Avatar
Lucion May 01 158 views

Where should I start if I wanted to enter the IT field?

I'm curious about it for a career path but I really don't know where I'd start.

aj’s Avatar
aj Apr 04 285 views

Why did you decide to enter the computer tech industry?

When did you decide to begin learning about computers and technology? What was the job that began this career path for you? What do you know about music production software?

Pharrell’s Avatar
Pharrell Mar 14 323 views

What are your duties on a day to day basis? do you also get to choose which assignments you work on?

Working on my trade certification in B.C.T

Elliot’s Avatar
Elliot Mar 06 338 views

What are the main responsibilities of a web developer?

What are some day-to-day tasks a web developer might perform?

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Jan 30 282 views

What is a good college to go for software engineering in California?

I am currently a junior in high school.

Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco Nov 17, 2022 379 views

What are three important things I should know about being a Computer & Information Systems Manager (e.g. working conditions, typical schedule, rewards, and challenges including those for people new to the job)?

For example, will I be working from home or would I be away from home for long periods of time if its random stuff like that and other stuff I put in the example

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 05, 2020 903 views

How much education, and or training do you typically need to work in IT?

#it #education #information-technology #computer #college

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Nov 09, 2022 499 views

What makes you happy and proud about being an electrician?

Do people respect yall look like at you in a different way in a good way?

Ani’s Avatar
Ani Oct 10, 2022 324 views

What kinds of jobs are there that include working with animals without being a veterinarian ?

I've always loved working with and around animals but have no interest in veterinary work. I've worked mostly with horses and small companion animals and am very interested to continue working with them after high school.

kadyn’s Avatar
kadyn Dec 21, 2020 362 views

Is there a degree you have to get to train dogs professionally?

#dog #dogtrainer #traindogs