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Anika’s Avatar
Anika May 30, 2023 454 views

How do I narrow down a career?

How do I narrow down the differences in healthcare and medicinal specialties and assignments?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jan 04, 2022 907 views

Is becoming a doctor "worth it"?

#doctor #medicine #medical-school #medical #premed

Clare’s Avatar
Clare Nov 14, 2019 583 views

What is the differences between a CRNA and an anesthesiologist?

I’m a junior in high school, interested in anesthesia, I’ve job shadowed CRNAS a couple times. Wondering what is the difference between an anesthesiologist and a CRNA. #hospital-and-health-care #premed #healthcare #medicine #doctor #anesthesia

Meher’s Avatar
Meher Jan 16, 2018 649 views

What majors set you apart form the crowd for med school?

I’ve heard that a general bio major is the easiest pick for a pre-med major. What other majors would prepare you for med school but set you apart from the crowd? #premed #health #majors

Tina’s Avatar
Tina Jun 25, 2019 893 views

Biotechnology vs Biomedicine vs Bioinformatics

Hello everyone, i'am a non-traditional student and i'am transferring to a for year with an ultimate goal of applying to Medical school. However, I'am having a difficult time choosing a transfer major, at my home institution I've already completed a large majority of science courses from...

RS’s Avatar
RS Mar 12, 2014 1306 views

What's the Company Culture Like?

My objective is to pursue a career in the medical field and I want to know what a medical company's culture is like. #doctor #medicine #pre-med #physician #pathologist #pathology

Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Dec 01, 2021 1193 views

What do anesthesiologists do? What are their responsibilities?

#doctor #medicine #premed

Janai’s Avatar
Janai May 14, 2016 830 views

How does it feel when you save a patient's life?

I am a pre-med biomedical science major and I know that I want to pursue surgery. I really want to know how it feels to save a person's life. #doctor #pre-med #medical-school #doctorate-degree #surgeon

Janai’s Avatar
Janai May 14, 2016 867 views

How could someone prepare for losing a patient?

I am a pre-med biomedical science major and I know that I want to pursue surgery, I also know that as a surgeon there will come a time that I am not able to save a patients life and I would like some advice on how to prepare for the moment I love my first patient. #doctor #medicine #healthcare...

Richard’s Avatar
Richard May 18, 2016 2193 views

Is it better to go in to Kinesiology / sports medicine or nursing?

I need to pick a topic / major for college (freshman year) #college #nursing #pre-med #physical-trainer

Djamdoudou’s Avatar
Djamdoudou Nov 28, 2022 409 views

Is it possible after high school to pursue 2 major, one in biomedical engineering and another in medcine with a minor in cyber security?#Fall22

The fact is that i want to be a biomedical engineer because i just admire the fact that with the help of our knowledge we can create tools to facilitate medical intervention and be a medical doctor because the feeling that you can save some ones live is just amazing.

Shawn’s Avatar
Shawn Nov 22, 2022 648 views

What steps should i be taking to become a Dietician or Nutritionist?

What steps should i be taking to become a Dietician or Nutritionist? I have graduated high school and am in job corps planning on doing the health care trade.

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 19, 2016 614 views

Biomedical vs Mathematics Major for acceptance into Med School or Veterinary Med School?

I am pursing and educational path to either become an MD Surgeon in Neurology or I might choose MDV in Veterinary Medicine. Either way, I will eventually be applying to Med School or Veterinary Med School. Which of the above Majors is better suited and weighted more heavily for acceptance?...

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa May 20, 2016 892 views

What are some of the concepts needed to know before taking Physical Therapy classes?

I am thinking about pursuing this career but do not know exactly what is to be studied. #pre-med #therapy #physical #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #physical-therapy

celeste’s Avatar
celeste Oct 28, 2016 916 views

if you are grossed out by blood is being a doctor a good idea?

I was planning on being an internal medicine doctor so I would have to deal with blood or needles, I would just be diagnosing people, but will I still be coming in contact with blood or not? #doctor #premed