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Thornton, England, United Kingdom
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Mia’s Career Goals

I have a lot of varied possible career paths that I might follow but I’m still unsure which is right for me. My dream is to be an actress however, if that doesn’t work out then I want to be either an interior designer, tv/film director, producer, architect, lawyer, graphic designer or a drama, Latin or history high school teacher.



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Mia Jan 09 123 views

Do I have to take both Art&Design and DT for GCSEs to be an interior designer?

I am picking my gcses this month and I still don’t know what I want to be for sure but I know that I definitely want to be in the art field (either being an interior designer, architect, graphic designer or an actress). I have already decided that I’m doing history, Spanish, drama and now I...

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Mia Jan 06 97 views

What subjects should I take for GSCE if I want to be an Interior Designer?

I have to choose between Art&Design and DT and I find Art more free but the coursework is a lot and I find DT easy and useful but it’s harder to get a 9, 😭💀