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nivea Apr 10 178 views

How dose one stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in architectural engineering? (what are the biggest projects)

How dose one stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in architectural engineering? (what are the biggest projects)

RICHARD Lee’s Avatar
RICHARD Lee Apr 12 609 views

What are certain details that I should know about 'Construction Managers'?

I have been trying to build my career, and I am considering being in debt to obtain a bachelor's Degree to achieve my goals. I want to be ambitious and associate to build amazing places instead of drains or roads. 1. what is the job like? 2. how did you get into the position? 3. what are the...

Opeyemi’s Avatar
Opeyemi Apr 21 308 views

How can I become a successful electrical engineer?

Am an electrical engineer who love to learn more in my field of study

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Henry N. Apr 25 239 views

As an electrical engineering student, what professional expertise and ethics are required to become a renewable energy expert? #Spring24

Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy #Spring24

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mayleah Feb 28 577 views

How can I be more likable in professional settings? I want to be an architectural engineer

I want to be more likeable for people I'll work with.

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Rakib Mar 01 816 views

What is better doctor or engineering?

My family want I become engineer

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Jeremy Feb 07 584 views

What does the a day in the life of an environmental engineer look like?

How does a normal day look for an environmental engineer?

Fiona’s Avatar
Fiona Feb 06 298 views

What types of engineers work less with people?

I'm not a very social person and I try to avoid it if I can.
I'm looking into the engineering field and I want to figure what types might work.

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Feb 14 610 views

How should college students reach out to professors for letters of recommendation ?

I am a second-year psychology student and while I have received letters of recommendation from staff, asking professors seems a bit daunting. Is there a way to ask that would be received better? When applying to multiple opportunities is there a limit to how much time so should ask them to...

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 14 689 views

How to become a home inspector?

Tell us everything we need to do to become a home inspector.

Given the growing interest in the home inspection field, we're inviting our experienced professionals to share their knowledge.

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Emmanuel Jan 26 483 views

What is your flexibility? What are the benefits? How long have you been in your industry? What is the job like? What are the working conditions here?

I am looking for assist for engineering and automotive.

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Kathryn Jan 15 602 views

What kind of internships/shadowing positions are available for 15 year olds in the engineering field?

I'm most interested in mechanical, architectural, civil, and aerospace engineering and looking for things near or around Broomfield, Colorado or online. I don't really know where to start to look or what exactly I should be looking for.

alan’s Avatar
alan Jan 09 1525 views

how hard is it to find a job as an electrical engineer ?

question writing tips

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jan 11 667 views

What are the necessary steps to marketing yourself properly in the industry?

What tools will I need?

tisa’s Avatar
tisa Nov 18, 2023 409 views

How do you manage time with work and outside life ?

How do you manage time with work and outside life? Is it hard to focus on multiple different majors/minors at the same time, if so share your experience.