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Lomewika’s Avatar
Lomewika Aug 02 102 views

What do I want to do in Life, and how am I going to succeed?

I'm going to 8th grade this year, I want to be a physician but, don't know how to get there.
What programs am I going to enroll in to get better experience? What type of scholarships I'm going apply for?

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Jun 27 176 views

How do you go about the job search for your first job or internship if you lack job experience?


I am a 16 year old rising junior who is interested in a career pathway which potentially includes engineering, business management and entrepreneurship. And I am unsure of which jobs to search for that would help me gain the skills I need for the career pathway I envision.

Fiona’s Avatar
Fiona Jun 24 103 views

How do I become a circus preformer and what are some tips?

I'm currently in the ninth grade and have been doing aerial silks for six years. I really want to turn aerial silks into a career because it's something I really enjoy and I'm great at it.

autumn’s Avatar
autumn Jun 20 97 views

How can I be financiallysuccessful in the future?

I am in the 10th grade and I will be 16 this year and I have no clue how to be financially successful in the future,because of this I am honestly scared of the future.

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Jun 14 100 views

What are some careerr suggestions?

I don't know what I want to do and need help figuring it out. I enjoy many things such as theater, baking, and nature.

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna Jun 02 86 views

How to become a choreographer ?

How to become a successful dancer or choreographer for famous celebrities or how to fight for criminal-justice going around in the world and streets.

Niya’s Avatar
Niya Jun 02 151 views

I will be entering high school this fall what steps do i take when i get there to follow my career path as a teacher ?

Who should i reach out to in high school to help guide me on my career path

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 01 159 views


Ask for help from people who have experanced

Preston’s Avatar
Preston May 31 71 views

What is the best thing to do over the summer when out of school?

During the summer what is the most productive thing students can do and learn the make there free time successful? Does anyone have any good options or advice for this?

jasai’s Avatar
jasai May 31 54 views

How can I become A Electrician Technician without 4 full years of college?

is there a shorter path?

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian May 30 93 views

What is the best thing to do for your first job interview?

I want to get a job bug i never had one before

Janice’s Avatar
Janice May 26 202 views

What entry level jobs can I do in the business field?

I do not know what roles I should consider looking into for the business field, whether it is accounting, human resources, or marketing, I have no clear direction at the moment. I am trying to find an entry level job currently, I have 0 experience so far.

Allaya’s Avatar
Allaya May 23 82 views

After going through air traffic control training, will I have to memorize coordinates or things of that nature when working with certain tools or will there be an option for me to look things up if I get stuck or forget something??

From the small video over view that I watched on this occupation, I noticed various advanced technology being used and I want to know if it will be difficult for me to get the hang of it or if there is a safety net to ensure that I don't forget how to do certain things while I am working.

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia May 25 106 views

How can I get back into ballet?

I am 15 and I am in high school. I did ballet for 2-3 years but the studio closed down and I never got back into ballet. know I am trying to because I loved it so much and I still do. I don't know what studio would be suitable for me and it has been so long that I don't where to start and how...

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter May 25 112 views

What are the best ways that I can prepare to apply for a School Psychology master's program?

I am a junior in college, majoring in psychology. I want to make sure I have relevant and good experience before applying.