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Michaela Jun 09 188 views

How do I reach my full potential?

What steps should I start to take in my life in order to set myself up for a successful future and career?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 09 123 views

What do you feel was the best form of studying to pass your tests ?

I'm interested in becoming a critical care nurse.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

nevaeh’s Avatar
nevaeh Feb 16 272 views

How To Get Good Study Habits?

How do you create good study habits and stick to them ? I’m having a hard time because of my low attention span and would love some helpful tips for a freshman in high school! #CV23

Preston’s Avatar
Preston May 31 99 views

What is the best thing to do over the summer when out of school?

During the summer what is the most productive thing students can do and learn the make there free time successful? Does anyone have any good options or advice for this?

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Jun 07 359 views

How do you improve your communication and public speaking skills?

To all the professionals out there, there are so many professions that require pristine communications skills. For students that are shy and/or not good at public speaking and communication, what are some suggestions that helped you?

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jun 01 262 views

How do you know what you really want to do when you grow up?

I'm in 9th grade I don't know what to do. I have tried talking to my counselor not much help from them.

puttsies’s Avatar
puttsies Jun 07 168 views

Is addiction a real problem for businessmen?

Do all businessmen struggle with addiction, or is that just in the movies?

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 06 159 views

What do i do I need help?

What do i do next, I am just lost and don’t know what to do next to go in the right direction. There’s so many ways my life could play out right now. The decision is hard, whether to work or to have my last fun summer.

andres’s Avatar
andres May 17, 2022 321 views

Can streaming be something I can maintain as a Full time job?

I am a sophmore in highschool and I love playing video games and sharing my skills with the world, im a small youtuber and i was the continue on growing but im not sure how and therefore im not sure if it will work out for me.

jadyn’s Avatar
jadyn Jun 05 95 views

what can i do to help prepare me better for the future?

jobs, money, life in general

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Jun 09 193 views

Why do i feel so ill?

I'm having trouble with life in general.

Max’s Avatar
Max Jun 29, 2022 560 views

How do I get into management consulting with a Big 4 Firm?

Hi! I hope you’re all well and safe. I just wanted to know what I could do now as a second semester sophomore to improve my chances of working in management consulting for a Big 4 accounting firm. Thank you!!

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jun 08 181 views

How do I become an Expert?

How does one go from a student to an expert, and what are strategies that you use to help retain information necessary for your expertise?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 05, 2022 587 views

What should I do if I don't get an internship?

I will graduate in May 2023. I've been looking around for accounting internships in my local area and remotely, without much success. If I'm unable to secure an internship, should I get a part-time job, or should I do something else?

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Mar 09 381 views

What are some habits to follow that would help you succeed in finding a dream college or job?

As a sophomore, I want to know what habits or mentalities to keep and assure myself I am on the right path.