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Middletown, Connecticut

Within 40 mile radius
Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 06 758 views

How can I get into publication design from a marketing background?

I have a marketing design background and without experience I can't seem to get an interview. How did you break into a new field?

Vikram’s Avatar
Vikram Jun 25 239 views

What internships are available right now for high school engineering students?

I'm a high-achieving Engineering focused student with knowledge in CFD software and 3D design through Fusion 360.

Jen’s Avatar
Jen Jun 01 1626 views

How do I be successful in the Business Major ?

I took a few gap years and need help getting back into the groove of university. What are some tips to help me stay focused in getting my 4 year degree?

Namal’s Avatar
Namal May 23 880 views

What are the best internship offers for Econ majors?

What are the best internships or volunteering for Econ majors for upcoming sophomore in college in nyc? Because I can’t find any. It’s mostly for juniors or seniors.

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 17 509 views

How to finding good career?

I'm not sure what job I want to do after college

Isyss’s Avatar
Isyss May 05 256 views

Do you have any advice on being a hair stylist?

I want to learn more about being a hair stylist because I love to do hair.
research hairstylists.

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Apr 27 238 views

Electrical electronics and engineering ?

What technical institutions are available for hands-on electrical engineering

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Apr 26 279 views

How did you decide which states you would get an optometry license for?

I plan on living in New England after I graduate from optometry school in 2027, but am unsure exactly where I will end up. Did you receive an optometry license in one or multiple states, and why?

Kristian’s Avatar
Kristian Apr 24 473 views

How can this website be able to help me decide what my career in the future is?

With having career, I fear that I might need some assistance with seeking different opportunities with the career that I want to pursue.

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Apr 21 350 views

what his the best career options for someone interested in psych and law?

I'm really interested in legal aspects as well as psychology

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 18 611 views

How do I begin a career in business management. This a top goal for me.What college will be the best to attend. What are the things that I need to make it possible. I just wanna succeed in my endeavor.?

How do I begin a career in business management. What college will be the best to attend. What are the things that I need to make it possible. I just wanna succeed in my endeavor.
I have a very good grade and being a manager I top on the list for career goal for me. I just need a good advice on this.

Femy’s Avatar
Femy Apr 11 234 views

How to get better in chemistry ?

I just have to get better

Janavi’s Avatar
Janavi Feb 12 2122 views

Does band and arts give you an advantage for college, even if music isn't your major or minor?

Next year, I'm in the 9th grade and I would like to major in either Pre-Med or Biology. I also take band and I'm in the marching band and planning to take it for the next 4 years. I'm wondering if that factor will give me an edge on my college application and if it will benefit me later. Thanks!

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Feb 02 761 views

How does one balance school demands and pursue a career in sports?

Im Mason, i am 13. I wanna be a professional basket player. Do i have to attend College after high school?

laniya’s Avatar
laniya Jan 24 831 views

How does a career in health care effect your mental health?

I want to be a peds nurse or anesthetists I know working in a career like that can be very tolling.

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