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janiya’s Avatar
janiya Sep 19, 2023 330 views

How can i get a job thats perfect for me ?

I want to work in STNA

John’s Avatar
John Feb 05 812 views

Is it true that nearly 65% of all film directors only make 1 film in their whole life??

I recently read this statistic and it has shocked me. Am I doomed to only put one art piece into this world? The expectation for becoming a director is fame but still. I mean I want to make many movies and the idea of only being able to make one sounds completely hope-crushing. On the other end...

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jan 09 478 views

Is it possible to get into college from elementary school?

elementary school level.

Lee’s Avatar
Lee Dec 01, 2023 276 views

How can I get an acting job as a 14 year old?

How can I get an acting job as a 14 year old

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Oct 25, 2023 402 views

How do I find a local singer for my band?

I've put together a band recently that is going to be very 80s rock music, the only issue is that we can't find a singer, we have everything else we need. We just can't seem to find that guy or girl if you get what I'm trying to say. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to...

Assita’s Avatar
Assita Oct 20, 2023 277 views

How do i get into campenies?

Is there a way i can succeed in a interview when applying for any business. Also what type of college are best for this type of jobs.

Skyeler’s Avatar
Skyeler Sep 18, 2023 387 views

Why should I be living up to my parents dreams?

Why should I be living up to my parents dreams?

Stead’s Avatar
Stead Aug 05, 2023 256 views

How did you find out what you wanted to do?

How do you know you made the right choice?

Archived’s Avatar
Archived Aug 02, 2023 502 views

what should I do after a bachelors degree in psychology?

I'm interested in computer science field. will i be able to do masters in a course relating computer science and psychology after just a degree in bsc. psychology?