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Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Adrien May 25 428 views

Why is there difficultly finding job pathways?

Like why isn't there more extensive carrer training programs for each job

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Jayden May 29 143 views

What is the best way to get into aerospace engineering ?

ive been looking into engineering for a while now and I wonder what I fit into and aerospace has 2 mechanics that im very interested in, Mechanical Engineering and Eletrical Engineering. I wonder If its okay to enter into these subjects blind.

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Mayara Jun 03 567 views

What do I need to do to work at Imagineering?

I'm a Civil Engineer, Brazilian, I love Disney, construction materials and engineering projects.

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Julian May 31 686 views

What are some good careers or majors that have to do with AI?

I took a few classes and know I am deeply interested in the analysis of the delopment of AI and helping out in research theories in the future.

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LEO Jun 02 742 views

How would you get practice for becoming a technical writer?

When it comes to creative writing, it seems to be simpler to build a portfolio. If I'm not majoring in Technical Writing, what suggestions would you have to build the skills necessary to excel, and appear attractive to recruiters?

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Domingo Jun 05 723 views

What degree would be best for the Automotive Engineering industry?

car and automotive related fields, engineering hobby.

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Anesia Jun 06 1904 views

What are typical things that happen as an electrician?

What are typical trouble-shoots during a job? How does talking with a client go?
Tools typically needed on a job. Any useful tips for this field.

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Emily Jun 07 1416 views

Is it possible to become an engineer with a physics degree?

. .

jaden’s Avatar
jaden May 26 423 views

how do I get started with my computer engineering career?

what can i do to find a mentor and began my computer engineering journey

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Freddy May 29 297 views

What's the best way to become A Heavy Equipment's Mechanic?

What schools or states?

marlowe’s Avatar
marlowe May 31 836 views

how can i plan my finances properly?

finance planning tips

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David Jun 03 1010 views

What kind of internships or jobs that will be with Mechanical Engineering?

I'm just trying to see what kind internships/jobs would help lead me to that career path and if their willing to help out someone with no experience BUT, willing to learn and expand with the knowledge.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jun 05 2369 views

what is the career path for software engineer ?

Need help navigating career choice after high school

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Lilianna May 31 582 views

How do you decide what college you want?

I just wanted to know how does someone go about their decision.

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mathew Apr 13 413 views

what steps should i be taken to work toward becoming am engineer?

electrical and electronics