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Damon Jones

Data Imging Technician
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
New York, New York
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nellie May 15 454 views

I'm interested in being in business/marketing as a job and signed up for a financial literature class for next year when I get into 9th grade. How do I prepare myself for success so I can achieve my goals in business?

I'm in 8th grade currently but I'm going into 9th soon.

Scarlett’s Avatar
Scarlett Apr 20 288 views

What challenges have you face as a part of your job. Whether it be discrimination or just challenges of the job. ?

As an engineer

kendra’s Avatar
kendra Apr 22 363 views

what is the best busiines model?

business model tips

Naana’s Avatar
Naana Apr 22 488 views

What do I have to major in and do in college to become a pediatrician.What can I do now??

I’m a sophomore in high school and would like to start researching colleges and studying now to make the process easier

Oliver’s Avatar
Oliver Apr 22 485 views

How do i overcome distractions?

I really want to be more focused so I need advice.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Apr 22 528 views

I would like to know the course to study to be a computer engineer ?

I am good with computers and repairs

Xin Hui’s Avatar
Xin Hui Apr 21 651 views

How can I better understand myself for my future career?

I am in 10th and i’m really lost in life about what I should do. I like creative jobs, science and business.

Alvin’s Avatar
Alvin Apr 04 583 views

Why is medicine a difficult career

Just asking though