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Sophia Barberini

Senior Director, Programmatic Operations at Fox Networks Group
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
New York, New York
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Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Oct 02, 2017 1444 views

How do I write a good cover letter?

I am applying to a bunch of internships for summer 2018 in the Advertising, Marketing, or Communications fields. If you have any advice that will help me land an internship in one of those fields please let me know! #cover-letters #resume #marketing-and-advertising #communications #business

Stacia’s Avatar
Stacia Aug 31, 2017 2495 views

How important is grad school for a advertising degree?

Am currently in college as an advertising major and considering the option of grad school. Is it important or worth it to go and do it or just go out in the world and begin a job?
#gradschool #advertising #marketing-and-advertising #graduate-programs

monique’s Avatar
monique May 24, 2017 2271 views

How often do marketing communications professionals travel?

I would like to know If they travel alot #marketing #marketing-and-advertising #marketing-communications #marketing-strategy #bussiness #career-details

melanie’s Avatar
melanie Aug 16, 2016 1162 views

What are the top 3 skills or attributes employers look for in prospective public relations/press/advertising employees?

We all know the basics that employers look for: good work ethic, great listener, and skilled in their field. Are there any specific differences that employers look for in a press team? #marketing-and-advertising #personal-development

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Jan 30, 2017 1231 views

How do I start in a career?

Hello, I am a recent graduate and I have various skills in design, media, research, and web. Despite this, I am a beginner within all of these fields and I can't tell which career I should enter into or how. A lot of these jobs require a lot of experience. While I am very good and a hardworker,...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 24, 2016 1070 views

What jobs are in the communications field?

Im looking to obtain a degree in this department. #communications #marketing-and-advertising

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 17, 2017 1086 views

What steps can I take to raise money for a cause?

I am very passionate about certain environmental and wildlife conservation causes. I have a few in mind that I would really love to start a charity for, but how would I go about this? How do I raise money and put together a 'campaign'? Are there any legal things I should know about? #college...

Yerin’s Avatar
Yerin Nov 22, 2016 1565 views

What is the average year salary for people in the marketing industry?

I'm interested in the marketing industry- marketing management, advertising, etc. I'd like to now if the marketing industry jobs have sufficient amount of payment of their jobs. #marketing #advertising #marketing-and-advertising #marketing-communications #online-advertising #digital-advertising

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Jan 28, 2017 1750 views

How do I start an advertising campaign?

I recently came across a small cafe near my home;it's nice, comfy, and sells good Coffee. The cafe is new (4-5 months) and is having trouble bringing in business ,I offered to help them market their store and they agreed. I only have the most basic understanding of what advertising means ....

Lyndsey’s Avatar
Lyndsey Feb 17, 2017 1006 views

Would it be better to tranfer to an university to study pediatric physical therapy?

Should I go straight into an university or should I transfer to an university after two years of community college. #physical-therapy

Lyndsey’s Avatar
Lyndsey Feb 17, 2017 2058 views

How long does college take to become a music producer?

I love music! #music-production

Lyndsey’s Avatar
Lyndsey Feb 17, 2017 756 views

Is nashville a good place to go to be a music producer?

I love music! I would like to be a music producer.

Lyndsey’s Avatar
Lyndsey Feb 17, 2017 1192 views

What is the average pay for pediatric physical therapist?

I would like to have a good paying job to support myself. #physical-therapy

Lyndsey’s Avatar
Lyndsey Feb 17, 2017 1155 views

What is the average pay for a music producer?

I would love to produce music but I also need a well paying job to support myself. #music-production

Stephanie ’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 17, 2017 953 views

How long does it take to get a Phd

I need a time limit so I can plan out my future. #phd #social-science-phd