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Manager, Consulting Solutions at PwC
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Julie Feb 09 212 views

What college shound I go to if I want to become a writer in the future?

I'm in 10th grade at Spectrum High School and I've been interested in writing for a while. I've written so many stories throughout the years and it makes me happy just putting my thoughts and feelings into a story for people to read and enjoy. #Writing

Frankie’s Avatar
Frankie Feb 04 264 views

Should I become a doctor, is it worth it?

I am a little interested in medicine. #doctor

lily’s Avatar
lily Feb 09 235 views

In finance, how important is it to keep up with the economy and stocks?

#finance #investment-management #stocks

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Voc Feb 09 216 views

What uniform do ya'll wear in a office.


lily’s Avatar
lily Feb 09 372 views

To get a job in finance, is it recommended to get a masters' degree?

#finance #accounting #business #master's

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Isabelle Feb 03 216 views

What's the first step to take after college to look for a long term job?

#job-search #college

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Feb 03 391 views

What are some occupations that combine art and stem together?

#art #science #steam #occupation

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Addie Feb 07 239 views

What are the best colleges in or around Minnesota that have good law degree programs?

I am thinking about becoming a lawyer or attorney in the future and I don't know what colleges would be good for that. #law-school #lawyer #law #college

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Feb 03 189 views

Is it reasonable to completely change career paths if the reason is because of confidence?

#career #college #career-path

Micale’s Avatar
Micale Feb 07 224 views

What are some good tips for starting your own business?

#finance #business

David’s Avatar
David Feb 04 156 views

What else is important?

Beside writing codes who else in important in computer science that can help people progress as a computer science learner. #computer-science

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Feb 07 271 views

I'm interested in science and coding fields, what kinds of jobs would best suit me?

I am a student who I have found thinks in a more logical, factual way than others. I have also found that I am fascinated in biology and how cancer works, however I am also intrigued by the inner workings of computers and enjoy coding. I am very uncertain of the full scope of options that are...

John’s Avatar
John Feb 07 183 views

What should I take in college to become a Logistics Analyst?

I am a 16 year old male who wants to become a logistics analyst.

#college #college-major #logistics #logisticsanalyst

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 31 608 views

What's the best way to become fluent in a foreign language?

I've been studying several East Asian languages and so far, I've tried taking formal classes and online courses, self-teaching through textbooks, and using spaced repetition. I've also heard that immersion is a good way to learn, so I've been trying to implement more of that into my routine as...

karla’s Avatar
karla Feb 20, 2019 230 views

how does a typical day for a chiropractor look?