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Sharrian J. Mar 01, 2012 2265 views

Baby-sitting service.

how can i get parent to let me look at they kids. and what should be price if i am helping the with they home work #education #service...


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DejaCodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 1337 views

What are the steps that I need to take in order to become an OBGYN?

I am a sophomore who is interested in becoming an OBGYN. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #education...


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Ramya S. May 11, 2016 540 views
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Monica F. May 11, 2016 616 views

The school I am going to doesn't accept student loans? I have been doing scholarships a lot but how else can I fund my education? Are their other ways?

There is no federal funding at the college I am attending. They offer a 12,000 loan each year but that will obviously not cover the whole tuition and room and board. I have a 3.96 unweighted GPA but because it is a very competitive college that really doesn't get me many scholarships. I have...

#scholarships #gpa #loans #financing #education

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Brandon H. May 14, 2016 485 views

Entering college this fall, high school history teacher is my goal, any advise on courses I should take?

I've seen my advisor, but she is just giving me general information. Wanted to know if theirs anything special I should be taking....


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Erin R. May 19, 2016 391 views

What is the best way to get an elementary class interested in what you have to say?

I am asking this because I would like to become an elementary school teacher and the first impression is very important....


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Myan N. May 25, 2016 446 views

If I attend college in America, if I transfer to another country such as UK, will there be any obstacles as to catching up on the education material or worries as to being left behind due to difference in location?

I would like to know if educational material and aspect is the same or similar abroad as to home because I will attend college here in America in the fall but would like to go abroad and transfer to London around the next two years. I would like to know will it be difficult and is it...

#obstacles #college #education

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alexis W. May 26, 2016 408 views

How do you know if graduate school is needed for your career?

Everyone's path isn't the same. Some professions require a graduate school, but what about the ones that don't? What are some guidelines to figuring out if graduate school is necessary for your career path? #education...


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Gokul R. Jun 24, 2016 585 views

Hai. I am Gokul. What are the Duties of Marine Engineer in a Ship?

Hai. Can I know what are the Duties to be taken up by a marine Engineer in a ship. #engineer #education #educator #marine #united-states-navy #water...


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Shyheim L. Feb 21, 2017 386 views

What classes do I need to take to master sports training ?

This is my back-up plan in case modeling don't work out. #sports...


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Jyoti S. Nov 09, 2017 473 views

How can I get Railway Question paper for Previous years?

Railways is going to announce large number of vacancies to recruit eligible candidates. I want to join Indian railways and I need previous years question papers for preparation. Where I can get these? Get some details here: #railways...

#india #studying #exam #railwayquestionpaper #time-management #railroad

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Christian H. Aug 16, 2018 308 views

Is it difficult on you if you don’t take college classes in high school ?

When you’re in college is it harder if you don’t have college level classes in high school? #high-school...