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joshua Feb 24, 2021 457 views

what would a non profit business look like

I like to be my own boss but have a idea of what im doing like a mentor #non-profit #travel #anthropology #mentoring #entrepreneurship

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 362 views

Is the job market good for education and training?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me education and training would be a good career choice for me. #school #student #graduate-school #high-school-classes #college #education #training

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 573 views

How did you start your career in education and training?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me education and training would be a good career choice for me. #school #student #graduate-school #high-school-classes #college #education #training

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Mar 17, 2021 274 views

What jobs allow will allow me to travel?

I want a job that allows me to travel and I also want it to be a high paying job. I was thinking maybe travel nurse or travel agent but I'm not sure. #travel

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Mar 04, 2021 327 views

Why do you need a Master's degree to be a Librarian?

In my research, I saw you need to have a Master’s degree to a Librarian but I don’t know. I also read you don't need one to be a School librarian yet to have at least the requirement of state teaching and it makes me very confused.

#librarian #research

Sergio’s Avatar
Sergio Mar 02, 2020 1304 views

4. Describe a time when you felt as if you were in physical danger on the job. How did you handle the situation?

#Protective-Services #social-services

Betty’s Avatar
Betty Nov 20, 2019 302 views

What are the pros and cons to teaching any of the grade levels?

#teaching #education

Victoria-sofia’s Avatar
Victoria-sofia Oct 25, 2019 346 views

What kind of education, training, or background does your job require

#job #education #career

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Aug 23, 2019 212 views

do welders work alot

i'm very friendship #social-work

Isabeth’s Avatar
Isabeth Aug 02, 2019 1545 views

Can I do research in political science as a high school student? Can I do independent research? Can I get published?

#research #history #science #political-science #analysis #politics #government #high-school #political #publish

Liz’s Avatar
Liz Aug 28, 2018 409 views

Where is the best College to become an ELL teacher?

#elementary #teacher #ELL # #bilingual-teacher #duallanguage #foreignlanguages

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 01, 2019 330 views

Why aren’t there enough good teachers ?

Because Everyone Wants To Be MILLIONAIRES! Not me , I Want to be the best teacher I can be to the the students of Washington DC. #teachourstudents

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 02, 2019 516 views

What tips are out there for a new creative writing club?

This upcoming school year, I'll be a senior. I'm trying to build up a creative writing club so I can teach other students and share the same passion. What tips would others like to share of having a good creative writing club? #writing #creative-writing #new

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Mar 09, 2017 2509 views

If you were going to rate your job, 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being amazing, what would you rate it?

So, you are filling out a survey for your job. One of the questions is, "Rate your job on a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst and 10 being best." What would you rate your job? Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work, do you just "not mind" working, or do you REALLY hate your job? Thank...

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 24, 2018 1757 views

How competitive is the job market as an English teacher in Japan?

It has always been my dream to move to Japan and as I am going to college my plan is to live there as an English teacher. #japanese #teaching #english #teacher #education