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I am a physicist, working on designing, configuring, testing, and operating radiation detection and measurement equipment.
My work helps to ensure nuclear technologies are used safely, and helps to reduce the cost of dealing with radioactive waste; improving our ability to use nuclear power as a low-carbon power source to tackle climate change, and to support other uses of nuclear technology such as in medicine.
Some of my work also contributes to research in fusion energy, which will one day be a much-needed source of clean energy to power humanity for generations to come.

Joseph’s Career Stories

In layperson terms, what do you actually do at work?

I use radiation detectors to measure many different kinds of radiation and radioactivity. Sometimes that's measuring radioactive waste to find what radioactive things are inside and therefore how it can be safely disposed. Sometimes that's measuring radiation from fusion experiments to better understand fusion science and eventually help lead to a fusion energy powerplant. I work in a number of different places around a nuclear site, sometimes sitting in a warehouse beside a detector system measuring drums, sometimes in a laboratory measuring small items, and sometimes behind a computer doing data analysis and writing reports.