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Moremi’s Avatar
Moremi Apr 22 647 views

What are medical schools looking for in their students?

I am in my last year of pre-med and taking a gap year before medical school Right now I am applying for internships in healthcare communications to do in my year off :)

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 13 375 views

What is the meaning of cyber security?

I love playing football though and also interested in anything Computing, I wish my questions can be answered as quickly as possible... thanks for your cooperation

mikey’s Avatar
mikey Apr 09 537 views

How can I get a Job at my age? Were can I start? How hard Is it to do?

I want an technogoly job at 14 and i got one month till I am 14 its may my birthday is and I want some extra money for technogoly things because I love to build pcs one day and I want experince so I can get the best technogoly Job that's right for me for the future! Hope someone can help me...

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Mar 30 544 views

How to turn my weakness into one of my strengths?

I'm kind of a procrastinator but I always do my work as the last moment.i work better under pressure because I focus more on those type of moments

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 18 481 views

What to do career wise after bad uni grades?

I'm a 3rd year CS student and my overall grades for university are disappointing to say the least, and I'm not sure what I should do to progress after I'm done on my course. I don't feel like that grade will be enough to get a good grad job and I'm wondering what can be done to get the foot...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 18 359 views

How to get practice for exams with little methods of exam practice??

How can I improve in exams? I find them really hard to revise for since we are only given lecture content and past papers (with no answers) to revise from. In previous stages of education I found it much easier to revise by repetition of practice questions.

bob’s Avatar
bob Mar 05 398 views

What would be great path for securtiy?

Specific regarding securityd

tori’s Avatar
tori Mar 04 571 views

how can I make money from home?

is there a way to read books for a living and make money from it at any age anywhere???

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Mar 01 663 views

Can you become a paramedic from being a doctor What’s the process from going from doctor —-> paramedic. Is it better to do the other way round??

Interested in medicine

Uduakobong’s Avatar
Uduakobong Feb 27 279 views

How do I get internships and build my career I am a university student studying It and Buisness but I feel like the job market is so saturated, it’s hard to get good jobs.?

How do I get internships and build my career ? I am a university student studying It and Buisness but I feel like the job market is so saturated, it’s hard to get good jobs.

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Feb 27 478 views

how to become air traffic controller

how to become air traffic controller

Samira’s Avatar
Samira Feb 26 634 views

How to open a successful business related to space exploration?

I am interested in the business aspect more now than the science aspects as my personality type is more suited to leading others and not being confined in a laboratory setting. Because of this, how can I open a successful business related to space (like space X)?

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Feb 07 415 views

What degree is best suited to major in with the hopes of become a commercial pilot?

I'm thinking of joining the Air Force academy but if I don't get accepted I need a backup plan in the form of college majors.

Samra’s Avatar
Samra Oct 23, 2023 393 views

How would you suggest I approach finding a job in an Economic Consultancy I have a BSc in Economics from the University of York (UK) but I’ve been a practising artist/writer for the last 5 years.

I did work experience at Frontier Economics, but that was a while ago. Help! ?

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 538 views

How I Prepare For Admission Interview In Oxford University?

My journey started when I got good grades in the college business subject, now I am pursuing my education for an MBA and I am really excited because I had enough marks to be eligible for Oxford University. First I wrote my admission essay on my own and proofread it by my college teacher They...

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