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Athens, Georgia

Within 40 mile radius
cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Sep 01, 2023 375 views

What was the hardest part about starting nursing?

I've recently decided on nursing and I wanna be sure before I start college.

A'Santi’s Avatar
A'Santi Aug 27, 2023 750 views

What are some internships that can set you up for a job in cyber security?

What are some internships in cyber security that are online (or in the Atlanta metropolitan area). Specifically that offer things for HS freshman.

shanelle’s Avatar
shanelle Aug 21, 2023 419 views

How can you platform your gpa in order to set high goals?

How can you platform your gpa in order to set high goals?

Caitlyn’s Avatar
Caitlyn Aug 18, 2023 216 views

How can I start my career in FinTech?

How can I start my career in FinTech?

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Aug 12, 2023 450 views

how do you solve a problem with a coworker?

you can solve it by talking it out with them in a public place

Dede’s Avatar
Dede Jul 26, 2023 385 views

What are some suggestions on where to look and find scholarships?

Hi, my name is Dede and I have been having trouble finding legitimate scholarships that I have a better chance of winning. Do y’all have any ideas on where I can look or what scholarships websites are legitimate?

Yoola’s Avatar
Yoola Jul 11, 2023 474 views

How do we prepare for college?

How do students like me get started on and prepare for our college journey? What should we look for in colleges to know that it is the best option for us? I would also like to ask what are ways we can raise money for out of-state colleges

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jun 30, 2023 479 views

what I want to know where should I go if I want to become a fashion designer and how can I get a scholar ship and why is it so expensive to go to colleges ? and what classes do I need in order to become a fashion designer and photographer?

how should I get collages attention?

max’s Avatar
max Jun 16, 2023 348 views

do you have to go to college to be a mechanic?

I've been wondering this but have gotten no straight forward answer.

Alasia’s Avatar
Alasia Jun 03, 2023 381 views

What does it take to be the best therapist?

My name is Alasia, I am 16 years old, and I am in 10th grade. I’m planning on getting my bachelors degree in physcology after I graduate. I want to become a therapist while I work on getting my phd in physics. I understand that in order to be a good therapist you have to be able to help solve...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 24, 2023 497 views

What scholarships are available for disabled students.?

I live in GA in the US and plan to pursue a degree in biology to then go on to medical school.

Paris’s Avatar
Paris May 17, 2023 418 views

Questions for finding a Career that suits me

When will I first find a job that seeks my attention?
How do I find I job I know I'll be happy with when I'm not interested in anything?
What career best suits easy-going persuasive people?

Anjali’s Avatar
Anjali May 10, 2023 318 views

How can I get internships when I lack experience?

So far I've only held a job at a rolled ice cream place in my town, so my experience in the workforce is pretty minimal. How do I find internships that require little to no professional experience? How can I increase my experience while looking for internships as well?

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Apr 06, 2023 448 views

How can I be successful ?

What can I do because I want to start making money as soon as possible. But I don’t know what to do it where to start my journey.
I need a hint or more likely an assistance in order to make up my mind on what to do, when to do , and how to do.

shana’s Avatar
shana Aug 09, 2021 854 views

Do 4 Dual Enrollment courses senior year of high school look bad?

Since my school was only offering AP classes in person, and due to covid I could not risk going, I decided to opt out and instead take 4 dual enrollment classes (since all DE classes are completely online.) Would this look bad on my college application / not look academically "rigorous"?...

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