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Austin, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Esther’s Avatar
Esther Jun 29 434 views

I am a marketing major interested in the tech industry what roles could there possibly be for me in that field?

I am looking for more creative work in group settings

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 998 views

I like biology, but I can’t stand chemistry or physics, so I guess engineering isn’t for me, is it?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #engineering

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer Aug 19, 2018 2917 views

What are easy and interesting upper division classes at UT Austin

let me know please #course #classes #college #ut-austin #texas

Erick’s Avatar
Erick Jan 23, 2018 494 views

How do I make a budget that I can follow month to month?


Rameel Zahid’s Avatar
Rameel Feb 10 287 views

How can I excel in the Talent Acquisition department as an intern currently?

#hr #recruiting #talentacquistion #internship #human-resources

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Jul 17, 2018 617 views

Which countries are the best to study abroad for IT?

#IT #study-abroad #travel #recommendations #specialty

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jun 12, 2019 849 views

How long do you go to school to be a nurse?

#nurse #nursing

Shaylee’s Avatar
Shaylee Jul 19, 2018 476 views

How can you maintain friendships?

While in collage can you really maintain a good friendship while being totally focused on your work. Do you think they will be understanding of your time management.

#friends #collage #fakepeople

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Jun 12, 2019 300 views

How do you manage your work with other activities like having a family

#Fam life

April’s Avatar
April Jul 28 176 views

How have the recent Supreme Court rulings effected your job as a lawyer?

As we all know, the past few months have brought lots of interesting rulings from overturning Roe v Wade to striking down New York's requirements for carrying a concealed weapon to decisions around separation of church and state. As a lawyer, how have these rulings effected you? Have they led...

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin May 02, 2016 1081 views

What made you decide on your job?

I want to know why professional people chose the jobs that they have? Money? Happiness? #college #jobs #careers #college-jobs

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond Jul 13, 2018 302 views

What do it all take to be a mid-wife ?


Nicolas’s Avatar
Nicolas Mar 19, 2018 524 views

Why do almost all the questions on this site have no comments or answers

Just trying to figure the game here.

#meta #careervillage

Julianne’s Avatar
Julianne Sep 29, 2017 2092 views

What education and experience path leads to consulting?

To #consultants : how did you get to where you are? After you are successful in a field, do you become a consultant to help others? Do you take a second job? #consulting #management-consulting

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia May 13, 2016 717 views

I want to work for a non profit helping humans with illness mostly mental and help animals what should I major in?

I love everything, i want to work for a non profit helping people and animals and also educating them and therapy idk what to major in, i love teaching in third world countries, i love cultures traveled the work i speak 4 languages i love government and UN stuff, i also love bio and science and...

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