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Bryan, Ohio

Within 40 mile radius
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max Oct 25, 2021 240 views

do work hours for mechanical engineers change with the more experience you have?


Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 06, 2018 610 views

Is it possible to become a doctor and still be home with your family?

My dream is to become an important doctor. I'm just worried that i'd be workong too much that i wouldn't be able to see my husband and kids much. I just don't want to be that type of parent that's always working and never has time for their kids. #doctor #medical-field #medicine #doctors

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 06, 2018 482 views

What kind of career can you do if you want to work with babies?

I know I want to work with babies, however, I don't know what job to pursue. I'd like to do more serious stuff for my job, but i'm scared that i'd probably mess something up and not be able to help the patient. I'm thinking about becoming a nurse that works with babies, but only does minor...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 31, 2018 488 views

Will Ivy League colleges continue to function if their requirements keep getting tougher?

Many students get discouraged about applying to Ivy League colleges because of their steep requirements for applications... #requirements #IvyLeague

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 31, 2018 341 views

Do you think having a college education will continue to become more important? Or will it lose importance since more and more people aren't going to be able to afford it?

Will college educations be beneficial to people in the long run in the future? #importance #affordability

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 23, 2018 411 views

What advice would you give a female student interested in pursuing a career in chemistry?

I have grow up in an agricultural community, and I know how important it is for many of the small scale farmers to use agricultural chemicals. I want to help make these chemicals safer for them to use. #chemistry #women-in-science

Janet’s Avatar
Janet Jan 22, 2018 465 views

Best way to study with commuting, work & classes?

I #commute 36 miles to college plus work and find it hard to find time to study, any suggestions?

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 17, 2018 464 views

What is the best way to pay college debt?

I plan on attending a private university for four years and then plan to move onto graduate school. After that many years of schooling I will most likely have a sizable amount of debt. #money #debt #collegedebt

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 17, 2018 608 views

How easy is it to get a veterinarian job right out of grad. school?

I plan on majoring in animal sciences/pre-veterinary studies in college and I'm curious if it would be easy to get a job right away. Am I going to be able to get a job right away or am I going to have to search for that right employer? Or is it all just simply the luck of the draw? #veterinary...

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Jan 17, 2018 502 views

What kind of scholarships are available for music students?

I've been in marching band and show choir 2 years and advanced concert choir a year. I also plan to be apart of 4-8 musical theater productions as well at my high school. Im a sophomore in high school and plan to take music theory class my junior or senior year and am on track to letter in...

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Jan 17, 2018 513 views

Can my G.P.A. get me financial aid for school?

I've always been a good student. All A's most of the time. I have a 4.0/4.0 G.P.A and I want to go to college. I am in concert choir, showchoir, and marching band and am working on finding a part time job as I will have to pay for most of my schooling myself. With that being said I really need...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 01, 2017 744 views

What should I do after high school/ college?

I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I am interested in many things and I have had a couple ideas, but when I think about it, it is not something I want to do my whole life. I love math, anatomy/physiology, and art. Right now I am most interested in nursing, but I'm not 100% sure that...

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi May 23, 2016 918 views

Is looking for a career in personal finance a good idea right now, or are there a lot of people looking for jobs like that making it hard to be successful in it?

I am #undecided in in my major and have been searching different career pathways. Personal finance seems like it could be a good fit, but a lot of people I know are majoring in it.

Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie May 20, 2016 909 views

How do I create an amazing company like DEKA?

I would someday like to own a company that does independent research. #business #engineer #entrepreneurship #research #biomedical-engineering #inventor

Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie May 20, 2016 662 views

What kind of companies ask for biomedical engineers, and what would be their tasks there?

After college, how would you go about finding work for this field? Would you settle with the medicinal side, the engineering side, or an actual BME job?

Is the only opportunity for a BME worker at a large corporate company? #engineer #biomedical-engineering #entrepreneur #inventor

Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie May 20, 2016 974 views

How do you find inspiration for your next project?

I want to go into biomedical engineering, and I am more on the biology/medicine side of it. I want to do research and invent products that can help others. How does one first think of an incredible idea??? #engineer #research #biomedical-engineering #biomedical-engineer #inventor

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jan 26, 2016 1033 views

I"m kinda stuck in between 3 different careers. And I"m not sure which one best suits me. I would like some advise on how to choose a career

I'm asking because, this is my junior year in high school and I would like to have one career in mind so I could start looking into colleges that offer that career. #training #hands-on-experience #observational-research

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