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Easton, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Ayana’s Avatar
Ayana Oct 02 53 views

What are some things I can learn this and will this be a thing that I will love in 10 years how could this be a good thing for me and why do I like it so much.

What are some things I can learn this and will this be a thing that I will love in 10 years how could this be a good thing for me and why do I like it so much.

Zoomar’s Avatar
Zoomar Oct 02 94 views

Should aspire to be a PA or MD?

I am currently having trouble choosing what to do in life.

Irvyn’s Avatar
Irvyn Sep 29 153 views

What job should I get as a 15 yr old?

What type of job should I get as a 15 yr old trying to find a job that’s fits is preference

Radia’s Avatar
Radia Sep 25 110 views

What should I do in order to find out what I wanna do in medical field?

I know I want to be something in medical field but I’m not sure what I want to be.

Ren’s Avatar
Ren Sep 25 200 views

How do I become a therapist ?

How do I become a therapist specifically a child therapist

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Sep 21 171 views

How can I go into the entrepreneurship field and start a successful business?

I want to start a graphic design business when I graduate college. What can I do to make sure this business is successful?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Sep 21 176 views

How is it like working like an Engineer?

I want to be an Engineer but I don't know if it is right for me.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Sep 18 109 views

What school has the best nursing programs and premed programs on the East Coast?

I'm interested in healthcare and I'd like to look into more colleges on the upper east coast that have good nursing and premed programs. Any recomendations?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Sep 18 81 views

How do I chose what I might want to major in? I have so many ideas but I’m not sure.

I want to do ceramics, criminal justice, maybe nursing, psychology, or early education. Thanks!

John’s Avatar
John Sep 16 126 views

If I am currently taking classes such as AP Euro, AP US Gov, AP Comp Gov, and Ap lit will these courses help my application if I want to go into criminal justice as a major in college?

I am currently a senior filling out college apps.

John’s Avatar
John Sep 07 140 views

Hi, Im a senior in highschool and I recently dropped my AP Econ (micro/macro) class and in place I am taking AP euro. I would like to major in Poli Sci in college and I am currently taking 4 APs which are, AP lit, Ap U.S. Gov, AP Euro, AP Comp Gov. I was wondering if dropping my AP econ class will affect my applications drastically.?

Is AP euro a difficult class and will it help me out in college as a poli sci major?

emme’s Avatar
emme Sep 07 483 views

what are good law schools in pa?

i would like to be in the criminal justice force.

Ritwik’s Avatar
Ritwik Sep 06 222 views

How to pitch a business?

How can I effectively pitch my business to billion-dollar companies? I have created a business and looking to sell it to a company because I am still a student. This product has attracted multiple Fortune 500 companies. How should I sell it to them?

Aarush’s Avatar
Aarush Sep 05 137 views

What is the best way to study for the SAT.?

I need help.

Jolie’s Avatar
Jolie Aug 28 96 views

What do you do on a daily as an Orthodontist?

what do the days look like as a orthodontist

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