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Middletown, New York

Within 40 mile radius
Daisy’s Avatar
Daisy May 11 544 views

what are the emerging trends in the business industry ?

I'm 17 years old , after I graduate I would like to consider myself as a successful business person, therefore I want to know more , get experiences from other people stories before I land there.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 18 819 views

Can I get a Bachelors degree in Nutrition with only completing some pre requisite courses?

what courses do i need to prepare for a Nutritionist or do i need to take an Associates degree first

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Apr 12 323 views

What is the best way to start getting experience in IT?

Not sure if it's important, but I want add I'm currently working towards the CompTIA A+ certification.

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Apr 11 377 views

How to grow financially?

Starting up a business plan

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Apr 06 183 views

How can I gain more knowledge about my work ?

How to turn my weakness to strength?

Peter’s Avatar
Peter Mar 22 291 views

How I can start learning coding?

coding, programming

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Mar 15 398 views

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

ThankGod’s Avatar
ThankGod Mar 09 759 views

I'm considering pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction in the USA. What career opportunities could this open up for me? I need some guidance to make an informed decision.

What are the career prospects for a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction in the USA, considering my background? I hold an MSc in Social Work and a BSc in Psychology of Education. How does this compare to pursuing a PhD in Social Work? Which option would be better, and why? My primary concern is...

Swann’s Avatar
Swann Mar 04 3659 views

What type of job should I get at 14? ?

I'm 14 and want to have a good job that I can work in summer easily as a first timer. Any suggestions as to what type?

Mo’s Avatar
Mo Feb 19 945 views

What type of position in the pharmaceutical industry is best suited for me. I currently work as a midwife and I am seeking to switch careers into the pharmaceutical industry. I have a bachelor’s in bio chemistry and a masters in Midwifery and Health Service Administration. I would like advice as to what type of position with the pharma industry, my skills may translate to

Midwife seeking to change careers into the pharmaceutical industry

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Jan 26 1440 views

How important is attending college?

My name is Matt, lately i have been weighing my options and feel like I don’t need a college degree to be successful but i am afraid of making a mistake in my career path.

Sandy’s Avatar
Sandy Dec 10, 2023 333 views

What high school courses would I need to take in order to take a major in architecture?

I am in tenth grade, and I just want to know if there's any specific classes I should take.

Lee’s Avatar
Lee Dec 01, 2023 404 views

How can I get an acting job as a 14 year old?

How can I get an acting job as a 14 year old

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2023 484 views

How to get into an REU as a first year college student?

I'm looking to get into a summer REU for bioinformatics or data analytics and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get into one of these programs as a first year student?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2023 1001 views

How do I combine data science and marine bio in a career?

How do I combine data science and marine bio in a career? Right now I'm in college pursuing an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics with a focus in biology and data science but I was wondering what careers combine data science and marine biology because I know they work together but you...

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