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Nixa, Missouri

Within 40 mile radius
hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jan 28 816 views

how hard (in your own experience) is it to become a commercial aviation pilot coming out of high school and/or college?

i'm currently thinking of pursuing a career in aviation, and wanted to know how difficult pilots thought the process was.

ella’s Avatar
ella Dec 13, 2023 1756 views

What is the best career in the Finance field and why?

I am looking at different careers within Finance and I would like to hear your thoughts.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Dec 03, 2023 335 views

What is the best college advice?

College freshmen

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 06, 2023 558 views

what have been your experiences been in Cosmetology ?

as in how are most of the costumers are the nice or rude are people in this work force okay if you don't know something.

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Aug 15, 2023 292 views

what type of equipment do you work on?

I know heavy equipment, but I mean like a skid-steer or like a bulldozer?

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jul 20, 2023 397 views

What do I need to do to even like anything about school?

Name is hayle I'm in 10th grand an don't like school that much

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jun 20, 2023 344 views

How do I start selling my art and making a name for myself?

I’m a young artist and I’ve always wanted to do art for a living I’m just not sure how to start (for context I’m a sketch artist) I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this!!

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Jun 12, 2023 282 views

What is the best way to balance school work and friends while in college?

Classes in college can be hard to balance with free time and I know it would help if I had some tips on how to balance it.

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Jun 12, 2023 184 views

how good of scholarships does the university of Kansas offer?

What are good scholarships to apply for the University of Kansas?

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 06, 2023 394 views

What do i do I need help?

What do i do next, I am just lost and don’t know what to do next to go in the right direction. There’s so many ways my life could play out right now. The decision is hard, whether to work or to have my last fun summer.

Karson Gillespie’s Avatar
Karson Dec 25, 2022 468 views

Dreams and Obstacles

What is your current dream, and what is your biggest obstacle in achieving it?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 03, 2022 648 views

How to get into computer hardware QA engineering?

How do I get a position working in a company where they are needing technicians to work with the hardware engineers to troubleshoot and do quality assurance work on their products. I graduated with an associates in pre - engineering but I would like to get some real world experience to...

Kaden’s Avatar
Kaden Dec 06, 2021 479 views

How can I get involved with missionary work?

#missionary #helpingpeople #overseaswork #christianworkinthirdworldcountries #internship

Kaden’s Avatar
Kaden Nov 05, 2021 640 views

What careers can you have if you have musical theater degree?

I’m a senior at Dayspring christian school. I enjoy reading, musical theater, writing, history, helping people, telling people about God, and sports. I have not decided what I would like to do as a career after high school. #creative-writing #writing #college #journalism #football...

Zayde’s Avatar
Zayde Nov 01, 2021 488 views

How do I figure out what I should do

I’m a hard worker, andI could do many things. #sports #athletic #mechanic #construction #beingactive

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